Tim Horton’s Boston Cream Filled Doughnut



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Wouldn’t you just die to eat a Boston Cream filled doughnut?

Good news… you will! This is because a Boston Cream filled doughnut has 11 grams of sugar. Since you are only supposed to consume no more than 24 grams of sugar a day, that means you have blown almost half a day’s worth of sugar on just one doughnut.

This sugary treat should be called a sugar filled doughnut, not cream filled. It is definitely not worth dying for.


by: Lauren p. and Kate p.

High Protein Bar


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ThinkThin is a High Protien Bar with no sugar…..Almost.

ThinkThin High Protien Bars have 20 grams of protien and 0 grams of sugar. But this bar has 23 total carbs. 11 grams of those carbs are sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohol is not alcohol. It is a type of sweet carbohydrates.

Sugar alcohol is better for you than sugar, and in some cases studies has been shown to have health improvements.


By:Matthew N.

More or Less? Which is better


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Recently me and my friend made a slushie.

Our blender had a leak so most of the water leaked out but not much of the sugar. Little did my friend know because he added another full one cup of sugar making it two cups of sugar.

Then, we split it between us with 1/3 of the whole blender for each of us making us drink a bit more than 5 times the daily recommended amount at 133.333 grams of sugar to be exact.

Now our teacher asked us to make the slushie again but this time with 0 grams of sugar to see witch tastes better if there is a difference. We did a blind taste test to ask people witch one tastes better and to see if they could identify the two different drinks from each other Here we GO!!!

The results are in

Out of five different people, four were able to tell the difference between the drinks out of five and three preferred the non sugar drink to two preferring the sugar drink.  It was close but the non-sugar won it all in the end.  So after all my prediction was wrong and my freinds was right.  Back to the drawing board again!

By:Thomas K.

Nearly Half A Billon People Now Have Diabetes

Shocking Statistic of the Morning:


The World Health Organization has released its first ever global report on diabetes. The results are frightening.

According to the WHO, the number of diabetes cases has nearly quadrupled over the last three decades. In 1980, there were 108 million adults with diabetes.  But in 2014, there were 422 million adults with diabetes.

Diabetes alone killed 1.5 million people in 2012, while high blood glucose led to another 2.2 million deaths.

In 1980, 5.6 percent of the Eastern Mediterranean region had diabetes.  In 2014, the percentage was 13.7. In 1980, 2.4 percent of the United States had diabetes.  In 2014, 9 percent of the United States had diabetes.

diabetes graph

“Diabetes is a silent disease, but it is on an unrelenting march that we need to stop,” said Etienne Krug, a WHO official.

One way to stop the unrelenting march would be to grab a salad for lunch today.


By: Stewart B.

We’re Back

After three weeks we are back.

We have been tracked out for the past three weeks and are back and ready to get more posts up.

We have got post going on the increased rates of diabetes, Mega stuffed Oreos and Boston Cream Donuts.


By:Matthew N.

See You Later…

It’s that time of the year again…

Time for us to take a break from work, and go have fun in the sun or maybe the #sugarkills team will go to the pool. Either way we are excited to track-out.

You may see a couple posts while we are gone on our 3 week adventure, but if not, we will begin posting regularly in mid April ! Keep on watching what you’re eating!

We would also like to thank everyone who helped us reach our new views in one day record of 863.

By:Matthew N.

Artificial Sweetners


The question we are asked a lot is about artificial sweeteners being unhealthy. Here is the answer.

The FDA has approved 5 sweeteners that are okay as long as they are used correct. They said no more than 23 packs of Splenda, Sweet One, and Newtame, 75 packets of Equal, and 45 packets of Sweet’N Low.

Sounds good, right? Then why do so many people still consider artificial sweeteners dangerous?

Well, it might be due to our suspicion of putting anything chemical or artificially manufactured in our bodies. It’s probably also due to a long history of overly publicized, poorly designed, and badly executed animal studies that the FDA now says falsely linked artificial sweeteners to cancer.

By having new dietary guidelines, it changes many ways foods are produced. if you would like to learn more about this, check out the New Dietary Guidelines post.


A Mound of Sugar?

Mounds Versus Almond Joy

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Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.  Almond Joy’s got nuts, Mounds don’t.

Since we did a post on Almond Joy’s, I thought we should give honor to its brother, the Mound.  It turns out the Mound actually has only 7 grams of sugar compared to the Almond Joy’s 8.  But the Mound has half of a gram of saturated fat more than the Almond Joy.  Both these tasty snacks are better than your bargain snack bar.



By: Thomas Ketterer

Edited by: Rohan K.

Almond Joy is so joyfull

almond joy

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Almond Joys are so joyful.

Almond Joys are pretty good for you. They only have 8 grams of sugar. They are also one of the healthiest chocolates because they  have a lot of fiber.  So next time, choose an Almond joy instead of a Milky Way.


By:Josh N.

Slide By:Matthew N.

Milky Way V.S. Snickers

Mily vs snickers

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How many of you like Snickers? How many of you like Milky Way? Well, hold on to your candy wrappers and call me Willy Wonka, because it’s time to put these two decievingly delecious chocolates to the test!

Believe it or not, the winner is Snickers! Snickers has 27 grams of sugar per bar, while Milky Way has 35 grams per bar! However, I say Snickers wins with a huge grain of salt. Since you are only supposed to eat 24 grams of sugar per day, and Snickers doesn’t make the cut. So if you have the choice, don’t choose either.


By: Rohan K.

Edited By: Stewart B.