Is Healthy Food Really Healthy?

It’s obvious that a doughnut is unhealthy. You know that cookies have a lot of sugar. You know junk food is unhealthy, because it’s junk food.

But what about the foods you think are healthy.

For example yogurt’s healthy, right?

Or is it?


Take a guess at how much sugar is really in yogurt?

There are 8.55 grams of added sugar in a Chobani yogurt.  That’s over half of your day’s sugar allotment.

Here’s another example: Cranberries are healthy right?

They are. Half a cup of raw cranberries contains 2 grams of natural sugar. Cranberries are healthy, but no one likes raw cranberries because they’re too bitter, so companies dry them, jam pack them with sugar before they sell them to you. You think they’re healthy, because they’re fruit, so you buy them.

But if you look, a half a cup of dried cranberries contains 23.4g of added sugar!

Have I convinced you yet?

Foods you may think are healthy may not actually be healthy. Many contain hidden sugars designed to make them taste better to you.

In fact, 74% of packaged foods in an average grocery store have added sugar in them.

That’s a lot. That means 7 out of 10 items in the grocery store have added sugar in them. So you really have to be careful when you go grocery shopping.

So beware next time you go grocery shopping.


By:Hannah Loram

Evil Bar of Butter

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It has a sweet buttery inside, but what is really inside? Butterfingers are delicious, but are they really worth it?

One Butterfinger blows your whole sugar intake for the day in just one bar!  It’s hard to believe that there are 24 grams of sugar in just one candy bar.

Do you really want to waste your sugar intake for the whole day on just one bar of deliciousness? It makes you wonder how much sugar is in inside of foods.

We’re not saying to never have sugar, just make sure you don’t eat Butterfingers nonstop.



By: Hannah and Kayla

Don’t you love your Skittles?


Ever had a Skittles pouch?

I bet you have, and you probably loved them.

But, are you ready to hear the dark side of Skittles?

Here we go!

1/4, of a cup of Skittles has a mind blowing 30.6 grams of sugar — and listen to this: You’re only supposed to have 24 grams of sugar a day.

Think about that.

See the problem?

You’re 6 grams of sugar above what you should have in a day. In only  1/4 of a cup of Skittles!

By: Shiv Z

Krispy Kreme VS. Dunkin Donuts

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Have you ever had a donut from Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme?  Well, you can eat Krispy Kreme donuts and get 1 more gram of sugar than a Dunkin Donuts donut. Dunkin Donuts has 9 grams of sugar in their glazed donuts. Krispy Kreme has 10 grams of sugar in their glazed donuts. This means that you are in for about the same with both donut brands.


Krispy Kreme 10g

Dunkin Dounuts 9g


By: Kaylee Richeson, Dabney Holmes, Sophie Beck, Arianna Barone

Edited by: Rachel I.


The New York Times Is On To Something

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Want to know how much sugar you eat each day?

Then you should go to this awesome interactive quiz by The New York Times. Basically what you can do is go through your daily foods and see how much added sugar you consume.

They have a good variety of foods and it’s very accurate. It’s also mind blowing how much sugar there is in average foods. One of the coolest parts of this is that if you scroll down you see how you blew the sugar, you can see how much sugar is in each piece of food.

I had some members at Sugar Kills and Kiva try this and there was a big variety of amounts. Some had 10 grams, another had 46 grams, one even had as high as 151 grams of sugar! I personally got 25 grams of sugar, but something tells me that we all won’t follow that exactly.



By: Jadon Wellum

We’re Back!

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After a refreshing track-out we are back and training more kids for our club! The summer was hot and the lemonade was tasty. We hope to make many more posts about sugar and about moon pies. Do you have any questions? How about any suggestions or requests? Feel free to leave a comment. We are looking forward to a great year!

Fruit…In A Can


(click to enlarge)

When you crack open that sweet can of peaches…and it spills all over you.

The thing is, a half of a can of peaches (3.5 oz) has 13 grams of sugar. A peach (3.5 oz) has 8 grams of sugar (Take a look at our natural vs added sugar post) and that is just in HALF of the can of peaches.

So subtracting the amount of natural sugar…Multiplying by pi…dividing by the gravitational constant…It gives us 5 grams of added sugar per half can of peaches, so 10 grams of added sugar per full can.

That means in just one can of peaches you get about half of your daily recommended sugar intake.



Not so Dinky Twinkies

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Have you ever had a delicious Hostess Twinkies? Do you have them often? Well, there is 33 grams of added sugar in 2 Twinkies. That is 9 more grams than how much sugar you should have daily! Think, do you want to have 2 Twinkies or 5 pieces of a KitKat? Which one do you think is a better deal?


By: Sophie B., Dabney H., Kaylee R.

DQ Whiteout!

Image result for blizzard dq large

(Click to enlarge)

The amount of sugar in this delicious Blizzard will certainly give you chills.  

So, we’ve made blogs about about Dairy Queen Blizzards in the past, but we’ve realized that we’ve only covered the mini-sized one. Recently, we have found how much sugars are in a large blizzard, and it will give you some mad frostbite.

There is a whopping 111 grams of sugar in a Large Oreo Blizzard (17.6 oz.) There is also 1016 calories, which will take about 5 hours of walking to burn off! You guys may love your blizzards but is it really worth 4 and a half days of sugar AND half of your daily calories?


By: Jadon W and Horacio A

The True Halo

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In the past we have written about deadly, tasty ice cream, but nothing could prepare us for this…

This ice cream, this scrumptious ice cream, has only about 4 grams of sugar per serving, depending of the flavor. You also get 6 grams of protein, 20% of your daily fiber, and only 240-280 calories.

That is much better than the killer Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

I did a taste test and compared it to normal ice cream. It’s taste is almost identical, and the texture was quite accurate. I think it’s safe to say it’s pretty close to normal ice cream. So if you happen to see it at the store, try it instead of your normal ice cream.