Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate

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On average an american consumes about 11 lbs of chocolate every year.                                   

That’s 2464 grams of sugar each year, or about 102 days worth of sugar. That’s also a little more than 2 average physics textbooks. Or about 1 average house cat!

Imagine eating 2 large textbooks or even your own cat! Most chocolate consumed by kids is milk chocolate which, by the way has 21.9 grams of sugar in one bar. Most people think dark chocolate is better, it is, it’s about 11 grams better. That doesn’t mean you should gorge yourself with it. So which chocolate do you like best?


Written by and Slide by: Jadon W



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Have you ever been to a restaurant were they give you a cookie with your meals?

At some restaurants they have combo meal deals and some come with cookies. At subway they have cookies that you can chose to come with your meal, while you may not know that those cookies actually have 18 grams of sugar in one cookie. So, is your combo meal deal really a deal?


By:Lauren K.

Slide by :Matthew N.

Were Back!!!!!

#Sugarkills has returned

After a long four weeks of track-out we have come back. Our 8th graders have gone to high school and new 6th graders have joined SugarKills. Our 8th graders our really going to try their best to keep post coming. We hope that our new 6th graders will help by producing many post this year. We hope this year is going to be a great year with a variety of different posts.


By:Matthew N. and Stewart B.

Goodbye for Now!

Its that time of the year when 5th graders become 6th graders. 7th graders become the head of the school and 8th graders go to high school.

It’s also the time when middle schoolers kick their feet up and spend a few weeks at the beach, staying up late and sleeping in.  Sugar IS important — but so is summer vacation, y’all!

That means there won’t be any new posts here until we are back in school at the beginning of August!  We are looking forward to writing for you again — but we are also looking forward to camping trips and sleepovers too!


The Sugar Kills Team.




Is Philly Being Silly?

How much are you willing to pay for soda?

If people in Philadelphia want a soda, they are going to have to pay a little more than normal. How much? 1.5 cents per ounce more! That’s because Philadelphia is passing a law that states that when you buy a soda, you have to pay 1.5 cents for every ounce of soda. That means a can of Coke-Cola will cost 11 cents more!

Now that may not seem like much more money for the government, but Philadelphia is expected to earn 91 million dollars in the next year! While this law may make people healthier, the government convinced people to support it by promising to use the money they make from the tax to improve schools and community centers.

That begs the question, how many sodas will be bought?! If everyone bought the same size soda, a can of Coke-Cola, that means about 8,088,888 cans. As of right now there is only one other city in the US who has passed a similar law — a city in California called Berkeley, where the distributors, or sellers of soda, have to pay one more cent per ounce to sell their soda.

New York has also tried to pass laws on sodas.  In 2013 The New York City Board of Health tried to pass a law where sodas over 16 ounces were banned.  This was ruled out by the New York Supreme Court. One of the reasons this was denied was that it only applied to restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums, and similar businesses, while grocery stores were still allowed to sell sodas of any size. In my opinion I think a soda ban is a decent idea, but it’s unfair to leave one of the biggest soda-selling industries out.

Returning to Philadelphia, Coke-Cola and Pepsi-Co are more than upset about this law. It definitely means that sales will go down, which means they earn less money. They should count their blessings though, because the original tax was to be 3-cents-per-ounce.  This was halved because it was thought to be too ridiculous.

Philadelphia may be an inspiration to other cities, so this law may someday apply to you.

But now my question for you is, what do you think about this law?

By Jadon W.

New Sugar Labels

Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration announced new label requirements for foods. The new rule requires companies to add the added sugars onto the food label.

Here is what the new label will look like.

New food labels

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The food labels will highlight added sugars which is the biggest change. Before there was no difference in the label between natural and added sugars. This is going to show up many companies who are putting countless amounts of added sugar into their foods. This will help people make better choices on what they are eating by being able to see the different amounts of sugar in everyday foods.

Another change on the food labels is that companies are required to show proper serving size for humans. Having a serving size of four Doritos in a bag that someone is likely to eat from top to bottom is not helpful. Finally, the calorie counts will be in a larger, easier to spot number.

Food comapanies are 100% againts the new food labels. The food comapanies say that added sugars and natural sugars have the same impact on the body.  That is true but added  sugars is the fault of the company because they weren’t in the foods to begin with.

My opinion is that the new label might change the things that people eat. When you are at the store instead of throwing food in your shopping cart, you can look at the added sugars first. I know I will look at the added sugars before eating a food.

Matthew N.

My opinion is that the new label will be a great addition to help the world become a healthier place. I hope this will be used to its full potential in helping the world make better choices in their food.

Stewart B.

By: Matthew N. Stewart B.





Who loves eating M&Ms? 

Well youshouldn’t anymore because one serving size of M&Ms is equal to 11.4 grams of sugar. So you’ve blown almost half a day’s worth of sugar. With how much sugar is in these things, they could give you diabetes like that (snap!).

So if I were you, I’d think twice before busting open a pack of M&MS. Hopefully the M&Ms won’t be too mad at you for not buying them at the store.


By:Lauren p

Sugar Rush


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A new app could change what we eat.

A new app has come out on the app store called Sugar Rush. By scanning the barcode on a food item, it will tell you the natural and added sugars that are in that food. The one downside of the app is that it measures in teaspoons instead of measuring in grams.

Also, if you shake your device it will search for a random food item almost instantly. This could be useful beacause if you were curious about sugars in foods, then learning is just one shake away.

After testing this app we have noticed a slight difference in the amount of sugar shown on the app versus shown on the label, but if you want to quickly find the rough amount, it is a great tool to use.

By:Matthew N.

Only 24 Grams of Sugar a Day? Hehe- Oops!


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Just recently I found an article called 6 Surprising Sources of Sugar.  What really surprised me was this statistic:  “On average Americans consume 475 calories of added sugar every day (that’s 30 teaspoons).”

Think about this:  There are about 4 grams of sugar in a teaspoon. That means if you do the math, on average Americans consume 120 grams of sugar every day! If you are supposed to consume only 24 grams a day, that means you consume exactly 5 days of sugar every day.

Stated another way, the average American eats 5 TIMES the amount of sugar that they should every single day!




By: Jadon W.

Desserts for Breakfast?

Have you ever heard the saying breakfast is the most important meal?

Well, it is so you should be eating good, healthy, foods. Some people eat junk food for breakfast, like doughnuts and coffee cake. Other people eat food that is considered breakfast food, but are really desserts because they contain high levels of sugar and caffeine, such as yogurt, and coffee.

Here’s proof:


  1. Dunkin Donut’s Coffee Cake Muffin– 51 grams of sugar in one muffin which is more two day’s worth of sugar
  2. Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts– 10 grams of sugar- which is almost half a days worth of sugar
  3. Frosted Flakes– 15.1 grams of sugar- Which is over half a day’s worth of sugar
  4. Yoplait original yogurt (low fat)- 26 grams of sugar- A little more than a day’s worth of sugar
  5. McDonald’s caramel ice coffee, medium– 14 grams of sugar- Almost a day’s worth of sugar

So the next time you go to eat breakfast, think about what your putting in your mouth.


by:Lauren.P and Kate.P