14 grams… Natural!

Monkey - Banana

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Can you do simple division?

If so, then from the picture you can tell that one inch of banana has two grams of sugar…

That means the average banana has fourteen grams of sugar.  However, these fourteen grams are natural sugar, so they are not bad for you.


-Picture by Tiffany D.

-Written by Daniel C.

(Much help by Michael C.)


  1. A

    What’s your point? No one should eat bananas? Bananas aren’t just sugar cubes – they are great fruits to eat and micro-analyzing everything like this will just stress everyone out and make everyone afraid to eat anything. Calm down.

    • William Ferriter

      Dear A,

      We see where your coming from, bananas won’t hurt anyone’s diet. We goofed up on this post, but calm down?

      Did you know that 180000 people die a year from sugary drinks alone?

      People should be worried! If we don’t watch our diets, that number will rise. Our goal is to make people think about sugar. A worried person is a cautious person.

      Jonathan S.