A “Dud” of a Healthy Food


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The next time your mom calls you and says “Honey, come down for breakfast!”  and it’s yogurt, stare at her with your best questioning face and ask for Milk Duds instead!

That’s because the yogurt that I usually eat for breakfast — Yoplait Strawberry Mist Whips — has 21 grams of sugar. On the contrary, one serving of Milk Duds has only 19 grams of sugar.

#it’snotSOOOOgood !

By Michael V

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  1. Sue D.

    Nice try Michael! But I don’t think your mom will agree… your milk duds may have less sugar, but there are other nutrients in yogurt that are good for you… like protein, and vitamins A and C. So.. while cutting back on sugar is a good idea… it’s important to look at ALL the contents and weigh the benefits.