A Week in Review

Last week someone by the name of “fitnessguy” stopped by our blog.

He left us some feedback on our Natural vs. Added Sugar post. These comments helped us realize three things. One is that we had some errors on the post. We spent lots of time revising and editing that post this week. But it also made us realize how hurtful online commenting can be, and the best criticism is given politely. Fitness Guy wrote:


I’m going to post this here because I didn’t see any obvious contact info.

The information on this page is very wrong. Please, educate yourself for a few moments via a simple Google search. Remove this false information from the internet – as you can tell from the comments above people do get confused.

This happened a day Mr. Ferriter was out for business purposes, so it was just us 8th graders there to respond to our commenter. After many tweaks and revisions this is how we replied:

Our #SugarKills team works very hard to educate ourselves and our readers about sugar. We take the time to research a topic, and produce quality work. These posts aren’t written in a couple minutes, and are accomplishments as a blog should speak to the credibility of our content. We provide link(s) in our posts to show that we are credible and are not posting false information. -Ried D.

Later we would find that he was correct, and our post did have some inaccuracies. This response didn’t satisfy Mr. Guy and he went on to doubt our quality control, and tell us to do the “adult thing:”

We all get things wrong, the adult thing is to own it, fix it, and grow from it. It’s better than misinforming everyone that reads this.

When we saw his comments, we were shocked and pretty hurt because we really do try to be accurate in our posting, and the mistake wasn’t intentional. It hurt us to know that someone thought we were intentionally trying to misinform our readers. After his original comments we tried to respond in a polite and respectful way, but he still came back with more sarcasm. That bugged us, and at that point we had lost all respect for him.

All in all, we learned a couple of things from last week:

1) Mr. Guy didn’t know we were middle schoolers, which is pretty awesome. That tells us that us middle schoolers can write in a way that leaves people convinced that we are adults. The disadvantage is that he talked to us with disrespect because he thought he was talking to someone of his own age.

2) Over 100 people view our posts per day, and we need to be accurate in our writings.

3) It is important to know how to take and give criticism. People are more likely to listen to you if you are polite.

This past week will help us learn and grow as a blog. We know that people read and believe what we write. That is why we spend time educating ourselves about what we write. As we told Fitness Guy, we try to include links in our posts to show our credibility.

Thank you again for continually checking out our Sugar Kills blog! It is really special to know that as middle schooler, we are changing lives around the world.


-Ried D. and Daniel C.

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