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We are a group of middle schoolers who spent the better part of the 2012-2013 school year studying the New York City Soda Ban.

In the course of our studies, we decided to learn more about just how much sugar is in our foods — and just how much sugar we should be eating on a daily basis.

This blog is designed to raise awareness about the fact that too much sugar — no matter how sweet it may seem — can kill you.

Our plan is to create simple graphics that highlight the amount of sugar in the foods that tweens and teens typically eat.

Want to learn more about us?Β  Check out this great interview that we did with Middleweb in the spring of 2013.


  1. 2nd Class, Room 6 and their Teacher (Merry Beau)

    Hi there, just checking in from Greystones, Wicklow, Ireland though your Clustrmap will say we are from nearby Enniskerry. I think you are presenting an important message in a very good format. Your posts are a good length. They ‘bite size’ πŸ˜‰ and so they maintain the interest of the reader and they are interesting. We have a healthy eating policy in school and we recognise the importance of putting the best fuel in our bodies. With every good wish 2nd Class Room 6 and Teacher

  2. Mrs. Holender

    Hello, all! I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your class blog! I am a middle school teacher in Florida who happens to read your teacher’s blog (which is also very good), and I stumbled upon your blog via his! What a great teacher you have!

    I can’t wait to show your site to my own students; there is much that they can learn from you – not just about how sugar is dangerous, but also how to write a great blog post! I especially like your post titles and your simple graphics. You deliver your message in fun, easy-to-understand bits, but they are still meaningful!

    I have learned so much today from both you and your teacher! Thank you for that opportunity!

    Congratulations on an excellent job!

  3. Mrs Lezak

    Great blog. Hot topic. I watch my fat intake more than my carbs and sugars, but I realize sugars are bad too. Eat those veggies from the bottom of the food chain and keep up the exercise!

  4. Naomi Riley

    I love your class blog! It is very informative. Could you investigate for me a food that isn’t know to be sweet, for example, a Big Mac? I wonder how many grams of sugar are in a burger like that.

  5. Geoff Franks

    Greetings from New Zealand. Last Sunday I was in a workshop with Mr Ferriter. He showed us your blog. Great blog and I can’t wait to show it to my students. I have a question for you. I am quite fond of Diet Coke and Coke Zero. How do these products stack up against the others you have studied? Is it ok for me to drink them regularly?
    My school is called Linton Camp School and it is just outside Palmerston North in the North Island of New Zealand. Do look us up on a map or Google Earth. There are 150 students in the school from 5 year olds to 13 year olds). The school is in the housing area of a military camp.

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  7. Mrs.Goody

    Just learned of this site/blog!!! Can’t wait to share it with my students! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! I’m learning to “tweet” and blog thanks to the younger generation! Keep up the good work!

    • William Ferriter

      Thanks for visiting our site. We hope you will learn alot about sugar and what foods you should eat.
      We also post at least one fact about sugar a day.

      From: The #sugarkills team

  8. Julie Ciocca

    Thank you so much for sharing your blog this morning! We loved visiting your class, you are making a difference!

    • Rohan K

      No problem. Mr. Ferriter showed us a video that said, and I quote: The more people that know, the better it will be. Or something like that. I was happy to share with you. I strongly hope you liked your visit with us!

  9. afra mullins

    Congrats on a great site and bringing to light a really important subject. There is so much illness and disease in the world and people just don’t seem to get that food plays such a huge role in our wellbeing. I recently did a (brief) research paper at uni looking at food propaganda that might interest you and am happy to share. Keep up the good work!

    • William Ferriter

      Thank you for this comment. This food propaganda reserch paper sounds interesting. We would love to see it if that’s ok? Can you maybe share a link for the paper here?

      From: Senior Editor Stewart

  10. Matthew

    What about sodium? I wanted to comment on http://sugarkills.us/prego-spaghetti-sauce/ by noting that with 2 cups of tomato sauce, sugar should be the least of your worries. With that much processed sauce, you should also be careful that you would be consuming about 2000 milligrams of sodium, which is the amount of sodium recommended for all the food you eat in an entire day.

    • William Ferriter

      Thank you for visiting our blog. We do agree with you that sodium is bad for you, but our #sugarkills team has decided to focus just on sugar. We felt like it would be our biggest interest. Our main audience is teens/tweens and they are more interested in sugar than sodium. Feel free to steal our idea and make a #saltkills blog, though. We would love to have some company!

      By:Matthew N.

    • William Ferriter

      Thank you for your request. We will do our best to get a post out about artifical sweeteners. Its a question we are asked a lot and we are very intrested in the answer too.

      By:Matthew N, Stewart B

  11. Gina Walker

    Hi! I am so impressed with not only the creation of this blog, but the apparent work that goes into each of the blog posts. I am a teacher in Pennsylvania and absolutely love this blogging project. It’s so well put together and professional looking that I am going to share it with other teachers that are studying to become online teachers. Kudos to all of you and keep the posts coming!!

    • William Ferriter

      Thank you! Us here at Sugarkills are trying to do our part in the world. Thank you for spreading the word as well! We believe this will help more people globally make better decisions and inform them about the sugar in the food they eat.

  12. Lee

    Providing further insight on something so commonly abused, but never thought of, is a great way to help increase awareness! As a health teacher, I am constantly sending this message to my students. They, much like a younger me, think nothing of drinking the extra large soda or consuming huge amounts of high sugar/fat foods. It really is amazing at how many health complications we can avoid through moderation, healthy portions and an active lifestyle! Well done, keep up the great work!

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  14. Debbie Mosley

    Hello! I am sitting in a keynote speech given by your “Teacher of the Year”. He probably received this award because he knows how to make learning meaningful to you, his students. Your blog is a great example of what students can do to not only learn for their own benefit, but for the benefit of others. Thank you for your hard word, your careful work, and your willingness to share with others. You inspire me. πŸ™‚

    • Debbie Mosley

      P. S. I am an elementary teacher in New Washington, Indiana. The seeds you plant will bloom and grow wherever they land.

  15. Juanita Magrans

    Hi there! I am currently listening to your teacher tell us all about your work. This is great! Please don’t stop and I hope you reach many more people.

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  17. Jan K

    As a health teacher, I think this is a great idea. I may try and start something like this in a different area. I will be following your blog and site.

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