Another Simple Breakfast Change


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Regular #sugarkills readers know that over the course of the year, I’ve been trying to make simple changes to the foods that I eat for breakfast. 

My first change was to switch from a daily package of Chocolate Fudge Pop Tarts (40 grams of added sugar) to Oatmeal To-Go Bars (22 grams of added sugar).  That change alone saved me 18 grams of added sugar.

Well, on the suggestion of Mrs. D — one of our best digital friends — I tried a White Chocolate Think Thin bar from Trader Joe’s and I fell in love with it.  It’s moist on the inside and has an interesting chewy texture that tastes great to me.

And better yet — it has ZERO grams of added sugar.

That means I’ve gone from eating 40 grams of added sugar before the day even starts — which is almost two days worth of sugar — to eating NO added sugar before the day starts.

That’s how simple changes work:  Find something you eat all the time and then replace it with something that you like just as much but that contains less added sugar.


By Mr. F



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  1. Mrs. D

    So glad you liked them Mr. F! I’m sure you read the ingredients and noticed the bars do contain alcohol sugar. I tried googling what that was, but got a description far too technical to understand… perhaps you could explain it better? Isn’t alcohol sugar still sugar?