Are YOU a Toaster Stooge?


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Warm little heavenly toaster strudels ALWAYS appease, right?

Unfortunately they are more like little warm toaster devils.

Filled with 9 grams of sugar in just one little bar it can be one long SUGAR FREE day after breakfast.

It turns out they aren’t as crazy good as they seem.



Tyler C.


  1. Kristen Swanson (@kristenswanson)

    Ty, thank you so much for this information. I think my favorite part about your post was the hashtag at the end. It actually made me laugh because, of course, the icing is my favorite part! I’m training for a marathon right now, and eating 9 grams of sugar first thing in the morning certainly won’t help me meet my goal. Thanks for putting this into perspective for me!

    • William Ferriter

      I thank you for giving the amazing idea of doing a toaster strudel. I had a great time making my post. I have never actually had a toaster strudel but I have heard the are very delicious. As for my hashtag I couldn’t think of a funny hashtag so I wrote what would break a icing lovers heart. Just don’t use the icing. I suggest that you eat a home made smoothie everyday (if you can) before your marathon. If you do this you will see amazing results in your running or biking. I had a good time making the post.

      Ty C.