Big Mac, Big Problem


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Big Macs are just bread, meat, cheese, and ketchup, so it would only be natural to think that this product has no sugar in it, but turns out it does.

Only one Big Mac at McDonalds contains 9 grams of sugar. But wait, didn’t we just say that their was probably no sugar in the Big Mac? Yes, we did, but the ketchup (7.6 grams per ounce) probably plays a big roll with sugar in a Big Mac.

However, the amount of fat and calories will harm you more than the sugar can.


-Davis C.


  1. Mrs. D

    Wow, that sure gives a new meaning to ‘big mac attack’! So… are there any better options I could choose… how about a Filet o’Fish?

    • William Ferriter

      Yes, Filet o’ Fish would be a better option, but what suprises me is that it still has 5 grams of sugar! It makes me ask myself what ingredients have that sugar in it. If I had to suggest a burger to you that would have little to no sugar, then I would suggest the McChicken. Even though it has 5 grams of sugar, like the Filet o’ Fish, it only contains 360 calories. Filet o’ Fish contains 390. Thank you for looking at our blog. We enjoy the coments. -Davis C.