“Brownie Bites VS. Rice Crispy Treats” WHO WILL WIN?!

food arena Brownie Bites

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Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the Food Arena!

This is where foods face of to see which food is healthier than the other. Today’s fight is on Brownie Bites VS. Rice Crispy Treats! One Brownie Bite has 12g of sugar! It looks like Rice Crispy Treats only have 12g of sugar too!

This is getting heated folks! But it looks like the Brownie Bites are going to pull through because of their calorie levels!  One Brownie Bite has 140 calories and one Rice Crispy Treat has 160 calories!

And it’s official folks the Brownie Bites are today’s Food Arena Champion!



Slide By: Jay S. and Matthew N.

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