Carrots Have Sugars Too? Didn’t ‘See’ That Coming.


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 Carrots may seem like cute and innocent orange triangles that you use to make snowmen noses out of.

But in reality, carrots have more sugar than almost any other vegetable, 5 grams. Fortunately, this sugar is natural sugar, but just be careful how many you eat.

Next time you see the army of bunnies stealing carrots from your garden, run outside and tell them to stop stuffing themselves with sugar.


-Audrey P. and Tiffany D.



  1. Wm Chamberlain

    Carrots are really good, have you done any research on sweet potatoes? I am really enjoying baking sweet potato fires and I wonder how much sugar they have.

    Mr. C

    • William Ferriter

      That’s a really good post idea! We would think that potatoes wouldn’t have many grams of sugar in them, since regular potatoes are good for you. They probably also contain natural sugars. We will try to look into that and maybe get that out soon.

      Thanks for the idea!
      -the Sugar Kills group