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Thanksgiving Pie Showdown


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Thanksgiving pie showdown between apple pie and pecan  pie.

Next time during Thanksgiving, you ask your parents for another slice of pecan pie, or apple pie; think twice. In one slice of pecan pie there is 28g of sugar. Instead of eating pecan pie try some apple pie it is much healthier because it only has 16g of sugar. So this Thanksgiving try some apple pie instead, its only helping you.


by:Krish P, Evan P, Stewart B

Edited by:Matthew N.


Candy Land Doomsday


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The volcano of chocolate has erupted and the sugar gum is falling, HIDE!!!!!!!

This is a picture of chocolate coming out of a volcano and the gum falling out of the sky. All of the sugar in this CANDY is bad for you. NEVER IN YOUR LIFE VISIT CANDY LAND!!!!

(Or at least don’t make it your regular destination!)


By Matthew N. and Stewart B.


Diabetes Kills

Conor A sugar drawling beaker

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40% of all kids born in 2000-2011 will end up with diabetes in their life.”

Diabetes rates are rising, as companies are coming out with more and more unhealthy food products.

Coincidence? We think not. The amount of kids setting themselves up for an obese, diabetic life is higher than  ever, and what are food companies doing about it?

Coming out with  foods with EVEN MORE sugar.

The world is being drowned by sugar.


-Drawing: Conor A.

-Writing: Ried D.

Oreo Pasta?


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Have your parents ever said, “No dessert after dinner,” but given you spaghetti with sauce?

Well, if you eat two cups of sauce, you’ll be eating more sugar than 4 Oreos! Think about that before you use up a full can of sauce in one dinner.


-Idea and picture by Audrey P.

-Typing and editing by Ried D. and Daniel C.

The American Dream?

You may not know it, but our #sugarkills blog all started from a study of the New York City Soda Ban — a neat current event that forced us to think about whether or not governments should be able to control just what people put into their bodies.

As an extension of that study, we began looking at political cartoons connected to the soda ban this week.

The first cartoon we explored was this one.  We’re going to engage in a VoiceThread conversation around other political cartoons next week.

And then something REALLY cool happened:  Jonathan S — a thoughtful, artistic thinker on our team — whipped up his OWN political cartoon about the soda ban.

Here it is:


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So whaddya’ think of his work?



By: Mr. F