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The New York Times Is On To Something

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Want to know how much sugar you eat each day?

Then you should go to this awesome interactive quiz by The New York Times. Basically what you can do is go through your daily foods and see how much added sugar you consume.

They have a good variety of foods and it’s very accurate. It’s also mind blowing how much sugar there is in average foods. One of the coolest parts of this is that if you scroll down you see how you blew the sugar, you can see how much sugar is in each piece of food.

I had some members at Sugar Kills and Kiva try this and there was a big variety of amounts. Some had 10 grams, another had 46 grams, one even had as high as 151 grams of sugar! I personally got 25 grams of sugar, but something tells me that we all won’t follow that exactly.



By: Jadon Wellum

Nutella, the Nutty One


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Nutella and toast, Nutella on a spoon, Nutella with an apple, the list goes on and on.

It is no lie that Nutella goes with practically everything. Many people would think that Nutella is a nutritious part of a nutritious breakfast. I mean it IS made with hazelnuts.

The problem with that logic is that in one serving of Nutella there are 20 grams of sugar! That is practically your whole days worth of sugar spread out on your morning toast. That is outrageous!

So next time you get out of bed craving that nutty spread, think twice.


By: Thomas K.



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Have you ever thought of a Chocolate Chip Cliff Bar as a “healthy” snack?

Well, it actually has more than half of your daily sugar value. ONE Chocolate Chip Cliff Bar has 18 grams of added sugar. So if you eat 2 Cliff Bars, you have gone over the daily amount of sugar that doctors recommend that you eat — 24 grams.

So your healthy snack is not so healthy after all.


By: Kaylee R, Sophie B, and Dabney H



Magical or Miserable Maple Syrup

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Maple syrup is a great addition to pancakes any day, but…

…there’s a reason it’s so good. It has a ton of sugar.

One serving of Golden Corral’s maple syrup has 21 grams of sugar.  And that’s just how much sugar is in the syrup. With the added sugar in pancakes, you’re eating over 24 grams of sugar — the amount you are allowed to eat during an entire day — during breakfast.


By: Priya C.

Kellogg’s Apple vs Cocoa vs Cinnamon


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Which cereal is the best for you?

If you are only supposed to eat 24 grams of sugar each day, is Apple Jacks, Cocoa Krispies, or Cinnamon Brown Sugar Crunch best for you?

Apple Jacks only has 15 grams of sugar, which is 9 grams less than what you are supposed to eat. Unfortunately, Cocoa has 25 grams of sugar, which is over the limit of sugar. Finally, the Cinnamon Brown cereal has a total of 16 grams of sugar.

It looks like Apple Jacks is the best, but Cinnamon Brown is very close behind the Apple Jacks. If you like Cocoa Krispies, think twice about buying this sugar killer.


Post by: Matthew J.

Post and slide by: Gus T.



Desserts for Breakfast?

Have you ever heard the saying breakfast is the most important meal?

Well, it is so you should be eating good, healthy, foods. Some people eat junk food for breakfast, like doughnuts and coffee cake. Other people eat food that is considered breakfast food, but are really desserts because they contain high levels of sugar and caffeine, such as yogurt, and coffee.

Here’s proof:


  1. Dunkin Donut’s Coffee Cake Muffin– 51 grams of sugar in one muffin which is more two day’s worth of sugar
  2. Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts– 10 grams of sugar- which is almost half a days worth of sugar
  3. Frosted Flakes– 15.1 grams of sugar- Which is over half a day’s worth of sugar
  4. Yoplait original yogurt (low fat)- 26 grams of sugar- A little more than a day’s worth of sugar
  5. McDonald’s caramel ice coffee, medium– 14 grams of sugar- Almost a day’s worth of sugar

So the next time you go to eat breakfast, think about what your putting in your mouth.


by:Lauren.P and Kate.P

Sugar Charms Will Kill You!

Lucky Charms

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My family likes to have cereal for breakfast. My little brothers like to have Lucky Charms everyday. They say it’s sweet, but how? How much sugar is in Lucky Charms?

One cup of Lucky Charms has 13.3 g of sugar. 24 grams are one day worth of sugar. So if you had a cup of Lucky Charms for breakfast today, you already ate half of the sugar that you can eat.

#SugarCharms #LuckySugar

By: Grace K.

Slide By:Matthew N.

High Protein Bar


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ThinkThin is a High Protien Bar with no sugar…..Almost.

ThinkThin High Protien Bars have 20 grams of protien and 0 grams of sugar. But this bar has 23 total carbs. 11 grams of those carbs are sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohol is not alcohol. It is a type of sweet carbohydrates.

Sugar alcohol is better for you than sugar, and in some cases studies has been shown to have health improvements.


By:Matthew N.

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumkin Spice Latte

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Can you believe that one 8 ounce Pumpkin Spice Latte has 24.1 grams of sugar?

I can’t.

With the growing popularity of Starbucks among teens, they should be trying to put LESS sugar in their drinks instead of making smaller drinks with MORE sugar.


By:Mitchell R.

IHop Original French Toast




Ihop french toast

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Have you ever stopped by IHop and ordered a piece of french toast for breakfast?

Well, if you do, you are consuming almost all of your 24 grams of sugar. One piece of french toast has a total of 18 grams of sugar! These are the sugars that doctors are worried about, these are added sugars not natural sugars.


By: Daniel Abel

Edited By: Trisha and Josh