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Evil Bar of Butter

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It has a sweet buttery inside, but what is really inside? Butterfingers are delicious, but are they really worth it?

One Butterfinger blows your whole sugar intake for the day in just one bar!  It’s hard to believe that there are 24 grams of sugar in just one candy bar.

Do you really want to waste your sugar intake for the whole day on just one bar of deliciousness? It makes you wonder how much sugar is in inside of foods.

We’re not saying to never have sugar, just make sure you don’t eat Butterfingers nonstop.



By: Hannah and Kayla

Treat… Or Trick?!


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That’s right I’m flipping the saying, want to know why?

Halloween is a time to celebrate… not if you pass out for over dosing sugar. Every year Americans buy 600 million pounds of candy for Halloween!  That’s the equivalent of 6 Titanic ships! Imagine how much the average American eats every Halloween. Well the answer to that is 3.4 pounds.  The most popular being M&Ms, which has 31 grams of sugar per regular bag. So this Halloween think, is it a treat or a trick!


By:Jadon W.

Mr. Ferriter’s a Horrible Parent, Episode 1

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When you go to the grocery store, you see tons of candies in the checkout aisles. You dream of the sweet sensation of a Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar.

Before you take out your wallet, think twice about buying this chocolate killer. One average bar has one day’s worth of sugar. You will regret this decision. Chocolate is sweet and savory but the nutrition is deadly! Chocolate is whack, get on the right track!

Mr. Ferriter gave this sugary treat to Reece, his daughter, without looking at the nutrition label. This is what a bad parent would do!


Post and slide by: Jordan E & Gus T


Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate

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On average an american consumes about 11 lbs of chocolate every year.                                   

That’s 2464 grams of sugar each year, or about 102 days worth of sugar. That’s also a little more than 2 average physics textbooks. Or about 1 average house cat!

Imagine eating 2 large textbooks or even your own cat! Most chocolate consumed by kids is milk chocolate which, by the way has 21.9 grams of sugar in one bar. Most people think dark chocolate is better, it is, it’s about 11 grams better. That doesn’t mean you should gorge yourself with it. So which chocolate do you like best?


Written by and Slide by: Jadon W

A Mound of Sugar?

Mounds Versus Almond Joy

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Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.  Almond Joy’s got nuts, Mounds don’t.

Since we did a post on Almond Joy’s, I thought we should give honor to its brother, the Mound.  It turns out the Mound actually has only 7 grams of sugar compared to the Almond Joy’s 8.  But the Mound has half of a gram of saturated fat more than the Almond Joy.  Both these tasty snacks are better than your bargain snack bar.



By: Thomas Ketterer

Edited by: Rohan K.

Milky Way V.S. Snickers

Mily vs snickers

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How many of you like Snickers? How many of you like Milky Way? Well, hold on to your candy wrappers and call me Willy Wonka, because it’s time to put these two decievingly delecious chocolates to the test!

Believe it or not, the winner is Snickers! Snickers has 27 grams of sugar per bar, while Milky Way has 35 grams per bar! However, I say Snickers wins with a huge grain of salt. Since you are only supposed to eat 24 grams of sugar per day, and Snickers doesn’t make the cut. So if you have the choice, don’t choose either.


By: Rohan K.

Edited By: Stewart B.

Dark Chocolate Vs Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate

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There is reason why milk chocolate is so sweeeeeet, while dark chocolate is bitter.

Everyone knows that chocolate bars contain a lot of sugar. But have you figured out which chocolate―dark or milk―is better? Well, one ounce of milk chocolate contains 14.6g of sugar. The size of one ounce is even smaller than a regular milk chocolate bar!

For dark chocolate, one ounce contains 6.8g of sugar.

Still not a small amount, but surely better.


By: Grace K.

The Sugar Life: M&M’s

Pity 2


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Did you know that a 1.7 oz bag of M&M has 31 grams of sugar? 1.7 oz doesn’t seem like much, but it has 31 grams of sugar!  Next time, make sure you check the nutrition label!


Thomas K.

Slide Made by: Mr.F

The Sugar Life


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Look at this picture. The amount of sugar in a Milky Way could fill up the whole bar.


We are starting a series of The Sugar Life posts. This Milky Way has 31 grams of sugar. Each cube has 2 grams of sugar.  That means this candy bar has 15 cubes of sugar in it.

Look at the image above. The sugar fills up the whole candy bar! Each post will include a picture of a common food and the amount of sugar cubes that would fill up that food. Tell us if you like this idea and if we could do something differently.


By:Matthew N, Marvin G.

Mr. Goodbar or Mr. Badbar

mr goodbar

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Good!? What is good about 34 grams of sugar!?

Nothing. Nothing is good about chocolate covered peanuts. People may think peanuts are good for you, well news flash, they’re not so good for you when covered in that scrumptious chocolate. If you ate one bar you have gone over your days sugar by 10. Is it worth it?


By: Jadon W.