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How Many Times Are You Eating Candy A Week?

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Have you ever had to decide between candy bars?

If you have, then think about this:  We all know that you love Snickers and that it leaves you satisfied, but have you ever noticed how much sugar your actually eating?  You are consuming about 27 grams of sugar.

The beloved Milky Way has about 31 grams of sugar.   Did you know that the delicious 3 Musketeers has about 36 grams of sugar?  How often do you eat those?

In a day your only supposed to have 24 grams of sugar, so eating all of this stuff is obviously bad for your body.


By Jaques and Johnny

Klondike – The Original Vanilla Ice Cream Bar


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Mmmm… Klondike Bars. Don’t you love ’em?

Unfortunately, one Klondike Bar has 23 grams of sugar. That’s just one gram short of the maximum recommended daily sugar intake. If you have this after dinner, you would have almost certainly exceeded your daily amount in just one sitting.


-Matthew  D.

Edited by Daniel C.

Happy Birthday?


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Happy Birthday Mr. Ferriter!

Today was our teacher’s birthday! Someone brought a pack of Reese’s pieces to celebrate. I wondered how much sugar was in the pieces, so I looked at the package. There were 21 grams of sugar per serving.

However, there were three servings and he ate all of them. In a 4 ounce box, he ate 63 grams of sugar. That’s just a bit under three times the maximum amount of sugar you should have in one day.


Josh N.

Edited by Daniel C.

Milky Way

Milky Way

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Ever eaten a Fun Size Milky Way and drifted off into the galaxy?


Well I’m sorry for you, because in that one tiny bar of choclate, there are 10 grams of sugar. That Choclate bar will not fill you up, so you will probably want one or two more. Those fun sized Milky Way bars will blow your sugar total count, but not fill you up.


-Krish, Ried, Joel, and Jay

Fun Sized Snickers Bars Aren’t So Fun!

Snickers Bar

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No one snickers at the amount of sugar in this bar…

Have you ever had a tasty Fun Sized Snickers Bar? If you have, then you are consuming an absurd amount of sugar! Two Fun Sized Snickers Bars have 17 grams of sugar! That is more than half of the amount of sugar that you are supposed to have a single day!


Made By: Marvin.G

Astronaunt Ice Cream


Have you ever eaten an ice cream sandwich? If you have, which brand have you eaten? We found out that Astronaut Sandwiches have 5 grams less sugar than the leading brand! So, next time you want a creamy, yummy, and delicious ice cream sandwich, eat like an astronaut.



By: Mac S. and Jonathan H.

Ghirardelli Squares


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The chocolaty goodness of the average house-hold holiday candy, Peppermint Bark Chocolate, from Ghirardelli has 6.4 grams out of your total amount of sugar that you are supposed to have of 24 grams. When do you ever eat only one square. Kids and their parents usually gift the whole package to one person instead of just one. So you should consider eating all but one or giving to them gradually. Then, you are saving them from all the sugar.



Post by: Matthew D.

Edited by: Rohan K.

Sweetheart Attack


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Sweethearts aren’t so kind to your body.

Within one box of Sweethearts (40 pieces) there are 38 grams of sugar almost one gram of sugar per candy hearts. Thats almost twice as much sugar that you should have in one day (24)! The candy might be sweet but definitely not healthy. So next time you want a box Sweethearts you might get a heart attack.


By: Jay, and Stewart

Three Musketeers Attack!

Three Musketeers


The Three Musketeers are attacking even when we don’t realize it!

The chewy, yummy full size 3 Musketeers bar has 30 grams of sugar! The creamy and fluffy nugget may seem light and healthy but it’s actually very deadly. It’s over 6 grams of sugar in just a small, little candy bar.



-Christian S. and Joel H.

Just An Average Breakfast…


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Never leave an 8th grader and cinnamon rolls alone in a house…

On Valentines Day, I woke up bright and early (noon) to check my phone to read all the “Happy Valentine’s Day” texts I wouldn’t receive… but instead saw that my parents had texted me saying they had taken my brothers to a skate shop, and I was home alone… With a big pan of cinnamon rolls. Not only did I find the rolls, but I also found a tub of extra frosting and two Reese’s Hearts.

I downed the 6 rolls and the Reese’s in a record speed (21 seconds) and nearly threw up in the process. Afterwards, I realized that I had easily blew my sugar total for the day. I did the math, and realized that the 6 Cinnamon Rolls had 92.5 grams, and the 2 Reese’s had 21 grams of sugar… I’m no math wiz, but that’s a LOT of sugar (113.5 grams, to be exact).



~Ried D.

Edited by Daniel C.