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Skittles Vs. M&Ms

skittles vs m&ms

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Starving for some M&Ms? Or do you want some Skittles instead?

What most people don’t know is that they shouldn’t eat either!  They are both very high in sugar. There are 22 grams of sugar in just 1 ounce of Skittles! 2 more grams of sugar, and your done for the entire day.

M&M’s have 18 grams of sugar per ounce. They do have less sugar than Skittles, but still have a lot. Eat both of those together, and you’ve gone 16 sugar grams beyond what you’re supposed to eat in day!


By: Nikolai S.

Edited By: Rohan K.

Original Chocolate Pudding vs. Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding

Regular Chocolate Pudding vs. Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding

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Sometimes you are in the mood for pudding but you have to choose between sugar free pudding or regular pudding.

If you think there is no difference between the two and you pick regular pudding, you are making a mistake. A regular 3.7 ounce chocolate pudding has a somewhat amazing 17.8 grams of sugar. That’s almost ruins your day of sugar. If you chose sugar free pudding, you would have consumed 0 grams of sugar.

If I had the choice, I think I would choose sugar free pudding.




by Mitchel R. and Jaques L.

Dark Chocolate Vs Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate

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There is reason why milk chocolate is so sweeeeeet, while dark chocolate is bitter.

Everyone knows that chocolate bars contain a lot of sugar. But have you figured out which chocolate―dark or milk―is better? Well, one ounce of milk chocolate contains 14.6g of sugar. The size of one ounce is even smaller than a regular milk chocolate bar!

For dark chocolate, one ounce contains 6.8g of sugar.

Still not a small amount, but surely better.


By: Grace K.

Are Your Parents Trying to Kill You?

Hi C v Coke

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Do your parents pack you a juice box in your lunch box everyday? If yes, your parents are killing you.

Your parents would never pack you a classic red can Coke every day because it has too much sugar. So, instead they probably would pack you a juice box for lunch instead. They  think that’s healthier. They Think. The Hi-c juice box has more sugar than a red can Coke. It has 44.4 grams of sugar!  A classic red can Coke has less than that. It has 39.9 grams of sugar! Solution: DRINK WATER!!!

People should start to notice how much sugar they are consuming in their drinks. Some people might have 5 juice boxes a day! Compare that to red can coke!

How Many Times Are You Eating Candy A Week?

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Have you ever had to decide between candy bars?

If you have, then think about this:  We all know that you love Snickers and that it leaves you satisfied, but have you ever noticed how much sugar your actually eating?  You are consuming about 27 grams of sugar.

The beloved Milky Way has about 31 grams of sugar.   Did you know that the delicious 3 Musketeers has about 36 grams of sugar?  How often do you eat those?

In a day your only supposed to have 24 grams of sugar, so eating all of this stuff is obviously bad for your body.


By Jaques and Johnny

Super Sodas or Super Bad Sodas


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They are definitely super bad sodas!

With some staggering in the upper 30s and 40s, some of the sodas are diabetes in a can. We have found and compared 5 of the most common sodas; Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, and Mountian Dew. The results were expectable but at the same time, outrageous. On average the sodas listed above have 40.706 grams of sugar.


By: Jadon W

Top 10 Healthiest and Unhealthiest Cereals for Kids


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You know that tasty cereal you have every day?

Well, you’d better think twice before you dip your spoon in that sugary mix!  Because if you eat one of the top 10 least nutritious cereals, you have to change your diet, especially if you are trying to change your diet.  Most of these cereals are made of approximately 39 % sugar!  Ever wondered how much sugar is in your breakfast?  Well, here’s your answer; most the cereals that actually sell well are one of the most unhealthiest breakfast’s made,  so, you better think twice before you shove a spoonful of sugar down your throat!

#top10healthiest #top10unhealthiestcereals #forkids

By: Luke S.


Coke vs. Coke Zero


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Have you ever thought about drinking a nice Coke to cool you down in the heat of summer?

You shouldn’t go drinking a regular Coke because in a 12-ounce bottle, there are 40 grams of sugar. That is almost double the amount of sugar you should consume in one day, so a regular coke is out of the question.

You might think a coke zero is better, because in one 12-ounce coke zero there is less than 1 gram of sugar. Now you might think that a coke zero is the right choice, however you are wrong.  In fact, a coke zero contains chemicals such as phosphoric acid, an acid that can dissolve a fingernail in four days. This deadly acid will also break down your teeth.

Do you want these going into your body and perhaps hurting you? We certainly don’t think so.  Instead of drinking one of these, try diet coke or water. Both have no significant amount of sugar or acid.


-Krish P. and Stewart B.

Edited by Michael C.and Kayla P.


Yoplait vs Chobani


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Yoplait is a silent killer.

Yoplait has 9 more grams of sugar than another popular brand, Chobani. Yoplait has 26 grams of sugar in a 6 ounce container, but Chobani has only 17 grams of sugar in a 6 ounce container.

So next time your mom says that you should have a yogurt because they are healthy, choose Chobani instead of Yoplait.


-Josh N.

Edited by Daniel C.

Top Five Most Exotic Fruits

Looking for an exotic fruit to impress your friends? Here’s a list of a few with the sugar stats! Remember… all of these fruits contain natural sugar which doesn’t count for your daily 24 grams.

5. The Rambutan is a sweet Malaysian fruit that contains 0 grams of sugar! This a great tasting exotic fruit option.

4. The Dragon Fruit is an East Asian delicacy that contains only 8 grams of natural sugar! This is a good option to eat, and it will impress your friends with its bright outer pink shell.

3. Number 3 has 7 grams of sugar in an average serving size. It’s the Philippine Carambola, or “Star Fruit.” You may have heard of this sweet, tangy fruit in the classic video game, Fruit Ninja.

2. The Ackee is an African fruit that was smuggled over seas to the Caribbean and it has flourished its way into the Jamaican food culture. It can hold up to 2 grams of sugar in the buds, which is the only part you should eat since the other parts are  highly poisonous.

1. The odd Squared Watermelon. You might think that its is a fake, but it actually is grown in Japan’s local markets. This awkward melon packs the same amount of sugar as a normal melon’s serving – 9.4 grams of natural sugar in one slice.

This concludes our post on exotic fruits. We hope you make a good decision, and if you chose the Ackee, make sure to only eat the buds!



-By Dylan J. and Conor A.