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Helping Mr.Miles

Mr. Miles, one of our subscribers, saw our sugarway post and asked us if there are delicious treats that can replace Subway cookies but still have a sweet taste. To answer that question, we taste tested two desserts to see if they could replace this sweet treat.

IMG_20160822_082908897_HDR  IMG_20160822_084045643_HDR 

The first treat we tried is the chocolate graham cracker ice cream cake. It is made out of chocolate graham crackers and any sugar free whipped cream. Together, it adds up to nine grams of sugar ( that is 50% less sugar than the subway cookie).

Another treat is the creamy caramel crunch cake. All you need to make it are caramel rice cakes, low fat (or sugar free) whipped cream, and sugar free caramel  sundae sauce. This treat adds up to 3 1/2 grams of sugar! That is around 75% less than the subway cookie.

This just goes to show that you can find an alternative to a sugary dessert that is not as sweet but is good to eat.

Written by Emilie M., Angela X., and Penelope V.

More or Less? Which is better


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Recently me and my friend made a slushie.

Our blender had a leak so most of the water leaked out but not much of the sugar. Little did my friend know because he added another full one cup of sugar making it two cups of sugar.

Then, we split it between us with 1/3 of the whole blender for each of us making us drink a bit more than 5 times the daily recommended amount at 133.333 grams of sugar to be exact.

Now our teacher asked us to make the slushie again but this time with 0 grams of sugar to see witch tastes better if there is a difference. We did a blind taste test to ask people witch one tastes better and to see if they could identify the two different drinks from each other Here we GO!!!

The results are in

Out of five different people, four were able to tell the difference between the drinks out of five and three preferred the non sugar drink to two preferring the sugar drink.  It was close but the non-sugar won it all in the end.  So after all my prediction was wrong and my freinds was right.  Back to the drawing board again!

By:Thomas K.

Just An Average Breakfast…


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Never leave an 8th grader and cinnamon rolls alone in a house…

On Valentines Day, I woke up bright and early (noon) to check my phone to read all the “Happy Valentine’s Day” texts I wouldn’t receive… but instead saw that my parents had texted me saying they had taken my brothers to a skate shop, and I was home alone… With a big pan of cinnamon rolls. Not only did I find the rolls, but I also found a tub of extra frosting and two Reese’s Hearts.

I downed the 6 rolls and the Reese’s in a record speed (21 seconds) and nearly threw up in the process. Afterwards, I realized that I had easily blew my sugar total for the day. I did the math, and realized that the 6 Cinnamon Rolls had 92.5 grams, and the 2 Reese’s had 21 grams of sugar… I’m no math wiz, but that’s a LOT of sugar (113.5 grams, to be exact).



~Ried D.

Edited by Daniel C.

Do you really need S’more?


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When you’re sitting by the campfire, you always want S’mores.

S’mores have many components: a toasted marshmallow, part of a chocolate bar, and a graham cracker. These are just “S’more” items to fill up your body with sugar.

The first element of a S’more is the graham cracker. An original Honey Maid graham cracker has 1 gram of sugar. In 1/6 of a Hershey’s bar (which is about the amount you would use), there are 4 grams of sugar. Finally, the big, Jet-Puffed marshmallow. One Jet-Puffed marshmallow (.3 oz) has 5 grams of sugar!

That’s 10 grams of sugar inside one S’more! I don’t know about you, but I don’t just have one S’more, I have two or three!


-Joel H.

Killed By A Cold Stone


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Do you really enjoy ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery?

If you do, you DEFINITELY need to watch your serving sizes because one medium cup of ice cream at Cold Stone that contains chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, peanut butter and one Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup has 112.5 grams of ADDED SUGAR! 

That is almost 5 days worth of sugar!


-Ried D. & Daniel C.

Hurricane of Sugar


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Have your parents ever said, “I’m taking you to a Hurricanes game as a “SPECIAL TREAT” 

If you’re not careful, though, that “special treat” can end up hurting you.  Here’s how:  At a recent Canes game I ONLY had a personal pizza, 3 hot dogs, a Sunkist and 2 cinnamon bons.  That added up to 159 grams of sugar.

And I only stayed for 2 periods... Had I stayed for all three periods, staying on my average sugar per period (79.5 g), I would have had 238.5 grams of added sugar that game!


-Ried D.

Editor’s Note:  The Canes lost that game.

Magic 24


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When I found out that someone my age should have no more than 24 grams of sugar A DAY I thought they were asking me to abandon food all day everyday.

So my evil teacher Mr. Ferriter challenged me.

I had to go a full day without eating more then 24 grams of sugar.  He was trying to kill me!  The day of the challenge was easily the hardest and worst day of my life.  Because I couldn’t have cookies, sodas, Gatorade, and my most prized possession, an ice cream sundae!  But I managed to survive the day with only 12.5 grams of (added) sugar.

But that was only half of the experiment…  The next day I decided to find out how much added sugar I have in a usual day.

That day I had 198 grams of ADDED SUGAR!

That is 8 and 1/4 days worth of sugar! That day, I did have 3 cookies and a soda, but that isn’t completely insane for me.  Without the cookies and soda I would have (only)had 96 grams of sugar (4 days worth of sugar).


-Ried D.


Sweet Lunch Nightmare


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Who doesn’t love a lunch with cookies, pizza, juice and fruit?

I know I do…I eat it every day.

Unfortunately that dream lunch is trying to kill me. This whopping lunch is DROWNING in 124 grams of sugar. That’s 100 more grams of sugar than you need in a day.

On the bright side 45 grams of that sugar is natural.


By Christopher K and Ried D.

Ty C. and Christopher K.

Are YOU a Toaster Stooge?


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Warm little heavenly toaster strudels ALWAYS appease, right?

Unfortunately they are more like little warm toaster devils.

Filled with 9 grams of sugar in just one little bar it can be one long SUGAR FREE day after breakfast.

It turns out they aren’t as crazy good as they seem.



Tyler C.

Saving Baldasaro!


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Mr. Baldasaro decided that instead of ruining his day we should save it by thinking of a healthy alternative to his vanilla ice cream cone with Oreo cookies.

We thought maybe frozen yogurt would be healthier, but that actually has more sugar than the ice cream.

The best alternative is Lemon Vanilla sorbet with almonds in a regular bowl which gives Mr. B a new total of 28.1 grams of sugar.