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Is Motts Good For You?


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All of Motts commercials promote that a serving of juice is good for you and promotes healthy growth.

While the juice may be good, sugar-wise it isn’t. This drink has 28 grams of sugar. That’s a little over a day of sugar.  So one glass in the morning, and your done for the day. Most diabetics or people with insulin resistance can’t even have juices like Mott’s.

Most parents give their younger kids those juices because they are “healthy” but are you really helping your kid by feeding them so much sugar?


By: Maddy M

Gatorade vs. Powerade


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In the flood of new energy drinks, it is hard to keep track of all the sugar in them. In this comparison, we will be comparing two of the most popular brands; Gatorade vs Powerade!

Let the fight begin!

In the red corner coming in with 56 grams of sugar, is Gatorade Thirst Quencher! In the blue corner coming in with 28 grams of sugar, is Powerade!

Both of them are over the daily recommended sugar amount of 24 grams, but it seems like in this case Powerade is the winner!

Hold on a second; Let’s broaden our searches for a second match, to Gatorade 02. This type of Gatorade has only 18 grams per bottle. So, Gatorade 02 will be the best for you if you are looking for the least sugar in your drink.


By: Thomas K


The “Naked” Truth


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You thought all fruit and vegetable juice would be healthy for you, well you thought wrong!

Those bottles, those 15.2 ounce bottles labeled, “Naked Juice” claim to have no added sugar, which is true, but it doesn’t mean it has low amounts of sugar.  One bottle has 46.9 grams of sugar! That’s almost double the amount of sugar you should have daily. Granted that is mostly natural sugar, which is healthier, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t healthy for you.

You may ask why those juices are so unhealthy for you when they don’t even really fill you up. The reason is because when you juice a fruit, you lose the fiber content of the fruit but you still get all of the sugar. That’s why you can eat 2 apples and feel near full, but when you drink the juice of 2 apples you still want more.


Written By: Jadon W

Cream Soda Will KILL you!

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A lot of people love and cherish soda, like me. Especially cream soda.

But what you don’t know is that an average serving (12 fl oz) has 45 grams of sugar in a A&W cream soda! That is more than enough sugar! It is about twice the amount you should have per day! Tons of servings that are stacked will be devastating to your health! When you think about opening a can of cream soda, think about how much you will drink! If you still want the tasty flavor of cream soda, diet cream soda is the alternative for your sweet tooth. Just remember, Sugar Kills!


By: Jordan E

Slide by: Jordan E

Fanta Orange- what’s really in there

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I don’t know about you, but when I go to a place such as Burger King, I like to get a soda. Preferably a nice, refreshing, Fanta Orange. Fortunately, I realized that this drink is way over the sugar limit. 2 Cups of Fanta Orange is 60 grams of sugar, which is way over the 24 grams of sugar limit. Even if I got one cup , which is pretty small (and the smallest size), I still would have consumed 30 grams of sugar.


#Fantakiller #Sugarkills

Post by: Gus.T


Slide by: Gus.T and Nikolai.S

More or Less? Which is better


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Recently me and my friend made a slushie.

Our blender had a leak so most of the water leaked out but not much of the sugar. Little did my friend know because he added another full one cup of sugar making it two cups of sugar.

Then, we split it between us with 1/3 of the whole blender for each of us making us drink a bit more than 5 times the daily recommended amount at 133.333 grams of sugar to be exact.

Now our teacher asked us to make the slushie again but this time with 0 grams of sugar to see witch tastes better if there is a difference. We did a blind taste test to ask people witch one tastes better and to see if they could identify the two different drinks from each other Here we GO!!!

The results are in

Out of five different people, four were able to tell the difference between the drinks out of five and three preferred the non sugar drink to two preferring the sugar drink.  It was close but the non-sugar won it all in the end.  So after all my prediction was wrong and my freinds was right.  Back to the drawing board again!

By:Thomas K.

Pouring on the Pounds Part 2

Do you remember the video we shared with you in January 2013? 

It disturbingly shared that drinking one 12 ounce soda a day will make you 10 pounds fatter each year! If you don’t here’s a link to the video. Well, the creators, the New York City Department of Health, have just released this video, check it out:

Could you imagine walking 3 miles just to burn off the calories of a 20 ounce can of soda!  That’s a lot of walking.

Considering that portion sizes have been getting bigger and bigger — especially in restaurants where most of the time you can refill your soda for free — you should think twice about what you are drinking… unless you like walking!


Written By: Jadon W, Thomas K and Mitchell R

Video By: NYC Department of Health

What It Takes To Fill Up The Red Suit

Santa's Cookies

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You leave the cookies and milk out for Santa on Christmas, right? Do you ever wonder how much sugar he consumes?

Well, just three sugar cookies have 42 grams of sugar! Also, just one cup (8 fl.oz) of reduced fat milk (2% fat) has 12.3 grams of sugar! In total, that’s 54.3 grams of sugar!

Oh yeah: And Santa eats this at millions of houses a night!



By Katie R.

Smoothies Aren’t the Health Food You Think They Are….

 Strawberry Banana Smoothie

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One small strawberry banana smoothie from McDonald’s has 40.5 grams of sugar in it-almost two times more than what you’re supposed to drink in one day. So if you’re planning on not eating any other sugar for two full days, this is the drink for you.

This doesn’t mean that all the sugar in smoothies are bad– some are sure to be natural sugar–but smoothies aren’t the health food you think they are.


By: Sofia B.