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Same Size, but Same Sugar?


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Most nickel size foods seem innocent, right? However, are they actually safe?

There are .018 grams of sugar in one cherry. While, there are 22 grams of sugar in one serving of Now and Later, which is 9 pieces of candy.

A Now and Later is about the same size as a cherry, yet a Now and Later has around 136 times more sugar than a cherry. The average teen should only have 24 grams of sugar a day, so you are right at that limit by eating just one Now and Later the size of a nickel.

To eat the same amount of sugar in the Now and Later serving (nine pieces) you have to eat 1,222 cherries. Now and Laters are made out of processed sugar, while cherries are made out natural sugar.


-Stephanie D. & Cece B.