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Original Chocolate Pudding vs. Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding

Regular Chocolate Pudding vs. Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding

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Sometimes you are in the mood for pudding but you have to choose between sugar free pudding or regular pudding.

If you think there is no difference between the two and you pick regular pudding, you are making a mistake. A regular 3.7 ounce chocolate pudding has a somewhat amazing 17.8 grams of sugar. That’s almost ruins your day of sugar. If you chose sugar free pudding, you would have consumed 0 grams of sugar.

If I had the choice, I think I would choose sugar free pudding.




by Mitchel R. and Jaques L.

Dark Chocolate Vs Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate

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There is reason why milk chocolate is so sweeeeeet, while dark chocolate is bitter.

Everyone knows that chocolate bars contain a lot of sugar. But have you figured out which chocolate―dark or milk―is better? Well, one ounce of milk chocolate contains 14.6g of sugar. The size of one ounce is even smaller than a regular milk chocolate bar!

For dark chocolate, one ounce contains 6.8g of sugar.

Still not a small amount, but surely better.


By: Grace K.

Top 10 Healthiest and Unhealthiest Cereals for Kids


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You know that tasty cereal you have every day?

Well, you’d better think twice before you dip your spoon in that sugary mix!  Because if you eat one of the top 10 least nutritious cereals, you have to change your diet, especially if you are trying to change your diet.  Most of these cereals are made of approximately 39 % sugar!  Ever wondered how much sugar is in your breakfast?  Well, here’s your answer; most the cereals that actually sell well are one of the most unhealthiest breakfast’s made,  so, you better think twice before you shove a spoonful of sugar down your throat!

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By: Luke S.


5 SUGAR Life Hacks!

Do you know what a life hack is? A life hack is simple change that you can do to make your life easier. But have you heard of a sugar life hack? This post is going to tell you how 5 simple sugar life hacks that will help you change your life for the better!

1. Go Natural

Going natural is a awesome way to lower your sugar intake for everyday meals. Usually non-natural foods have more sugar that natural foods. And if it is the other way around, then you still have to remember that the sugar in a natural food has natural sugar.

2. Know Your Portions

Knowing your portion size is something that everyone should know. A lot of times companies would tell you how much sugar in one serving of a certain food. But what people often forget is how many servings you eat. For example, one gummy bear has 1.3 grams of sugar. But you need to remember, your probably not going to eat only one gummy bear. You are probably going to eat at least 10 – 15 gummy bears. That’s 10-20 grams of sugar right there.

3. Compare Foods

Comparing foods is often a very helpful thing to do. I know this because I researched applesauce for a post. Than I found out that one brand of applesauce had more sugar than another. This shows that comparing foods is often a lifesaver when it comes eating less sugar.

4. Lower It Gradually

Lowering your sugar gradually is the way to go! If you gradually lower sugar than it more likely to be able to eat less sugar without craving it too much. For example if you usually have dessert two times a day after lunch and dinner, try only having one serving of dessert. Most people try to stop eating sugar at all. But that’s not the right way to go. So remember lower it gradually!

5. Clean Out Your Pantry

Do you have tempting foods in your pantry? If you do than you probably have had the temptation to eat some really sugary foods. For example, if you ate a small pack of Oreo’s  you would be eating 13g of sugar. That’s more than HALF of how much sugar you should eat in one day. Cleaning your pantry out and disposing of all of sugary foods in your pantry would help you stop the craving of sugar.

I hope you all ENJOY!

By Jay S.

Edited By Dainel C.

Sweetin the sour

 This video is about an edible tablet that has zero grams of sugar is supposed to make sour things sweet. That is amazing!

We all enjoy sweet things, but sometimes sugary food is not healthy for us. This video shows us a pill that will change your taste buds so that sour things taste sweet. Now instead of eating sugary foods, we can trick our taste buds into thinking sour foods are sweet.

One of the only problems is the price, and the amount of times you would have to eat it to keep things sweet. Also, someone might get addicted to the tablet. Those are the only problems that we came up with that could affect your body or mind. I think the fact that a tablet can make a non-sugary food taste sweet without adding sugar is incredible!


#Bitter Sweet


Edited by: Lili E.

Ranch VS. Honey Mustard

Honey Mustard and Ranch

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There is a significant difference in the amount of sugar in just a couple one-ounce packets of dressing.

In a 1 ounce packet of honey mustard there is 6.4 grams of sugar, but in a one ounce packet of ranch there is only 2 grams of sugar.

If your going to use a dressing and you don’t want the added sugar, then use ranch because it has 4.4 gram of sugar less than honey mustard.


By: Christian S.

Astronaunt Ice Cream


Have you ever eaten an ice cream sandwich? If you have, which brand have you eaten? We found out that Astronaut Sandwiches have 5 grams less sugar than the leading brand! So, next time you want a creamy, yummy, and delicious ice cream sandwich, eat like an astronaut.



By: Mac S. and Jonathan H.

Bananas versus Apples – A Healthy Comparison

Bananas vs. Apple


After school, you open the refrigerator door looking for a healthy option…

You find a banana and a Granny Smith apple. Both look good, but you want to choose the most beneficial option. You go on the Sugar Kills blog, and find out that the apple has 10.5 grams, while the banana only has 6.7 grams! They’re both healthy choices and have natural sugars, which don’t count toward the daily sugar count.



– Conor A.

Gatorade VS. Water “The Healthy Choice”


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What would you choose, a nice tasty bottle of Gatorade or a simple bottle of water? Well a Gatorade has 56 grams of sugar in just one bottle of Gatorade (2 pints). Thats more than twice as much sugar you should have per day! In one bottle of water there is NO sugar. Even though it might not taste as good as a Gatorade, make the healthy choice.



Jay S.