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Merry Christmas

It’s that time of year…

Time for us to take a break from work and Christmas is just around the corner. This trackout is longer than usual we will be back on the 23rd of January. We are gonna go ride sleighs in Antarctica. Or maybe the #sugarkills team will try skydiving off of Mount Everest. Either way we are excited to track-out and having amazing holidays. We will back in 2017  hopefully gonna start the new year off with some new post.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

-Sugarkills Team

Hot Chocolate

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The weather is getting cold (except in the southern hemisphere) and the snow is starting to fall.

We are all in our houses, snuggled up in blankets, drinking our hot chocolate…but are we going to start looking like Santa if we keep it up?  It turns out in a 12 oz drink of Hot-Cocoa there is actually 36 grams of sugar.

That is over the daily recommended amount and half of the next days sugar in just one mug of hot chocolate!


By: Thomas K.

Thanksgiving Dinner With The Family


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Thanksgiving is approaching fast and I know that everyone is looking forward to one thing…

Black Friday! No, I’m joking, its Thanksgiving dinner. And we all know the highlight of the dinner is the Turkey. You may think that the Turkey doesn’t have any sugar in it and you would be correct. But what’s really the ticking time bomb of sugar is the cranberry sauce.

The thing that is always hard to spread over your Turkey has 21 grams of sugar per 1/4 cup (Serving Size).  So next time that you reach for another serving of the sauce think twice before pouring the whole can all over your plate. Happy Thanksgiving!


Written By: Thomas K.

Edited By: Jadon W.

Slide By: Gus T.


Treat… Or Trick?!


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That’s right I’m flipping the saying, want to know why?

Halloween is a time to celebrate… not if you pass out for over dosing sugar. Every year Americans buy 600 million pounds of candy for Halloween!  That’s the equivalent of 6 Titanic ships! Imagine how much the average American eats every Halloween. Well the answer to that is 3.4 pounds.  The most popular being M&Ms, which has 31 grams of sugar per regular bag. So this Halloween think, is it a treat or a trick!


By:Jadon W.



Who loves eating M&Ms? 

Well youshouldn’t anymore because one serving size of M&Ms is equal to 11.4 grams of sugar. So you’ve blown almost half a day’s worth of sugar. With how much sugar is in these things, they could give you diabetes like that (snap!).

So if I were you, I’d think twice before busting open a pack of M&MS. Hopefully the M&Ms won’t be too mad at you for not buying them at the store.


By:Lauren p

What It Takes To Fill Up The Red Suit

Santa's Cookies

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You leave the cookies and milk out for Santa on Christmas, right? Do you ever wonder how much sugar he consumes?

Well, just three sugar cookies have 42 grams of sugar! Also, just one cup (8 fl.oz) of reduced fat milk (2% fat) has 12.3 grams of sugar! In total, that’s 54.3 grams of sugar!

Oh yeah: And Santa eats this at millions of houses a night!



By Katie R.

Ginger Bread Cookies

Gingerbread Man


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You are siting down for Christmas dinner, eating your ginger bread cookies, but what you don’t realize, is that those little deceptive Devils are plotting to kill you…

With sugar, those little men have more than a few surprises up their gingery sleeves. Seventeen grams of sugar is their secret weapon, that’s even without frosting (which is basically sugar) and the sprinkles.


By: Jadon W., and Thomas K.

Slide by: Johnny V.

Just An Average Breakfast…


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Never leave an 8th grader and cinnamon rolls alone in a house…

On Valentines Day, I woke up bright and early (noon) to check my phone to read all the “Happy Valentine’s Day” texts I wouldn’t receive… but instead saw that my parents had texted me saying they had taken my brothers to a skate shop, and I was home alone… With a big pan of cinnamon rolls. Not only did I find the rolls, but I also found a tub of extra frosting and two Reese’s Hearts.

I downed the 6 rolls and the Reese’s in a record speed (21 seconds) and nearly threw up in the process. Afterwards, I realized that I had easily blew my sugar total for the day. I did the math, and realized that the 6 Cinnamon Rolls had 92.5 grams, and the 2 Reese’s had 21 grams of sugar… I’m no math wiz, but that’s a LOT of sugar (113.5 grams, to be exact).



~Ried D.

Edited by Daniel C.

Not so Fun Dip


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So, on Valentine’s Day, you get a Willy Wonka Fun Dip from somebody.  Of course, you pour the sweet, sweet dust into your mouth.

But that is not the most healthy thing you could’ve done.  A one-ounce Fun Dip has 26.3 grams of sugar! Remember, the most you should have in one day is 24!  Next time you have a Wonka product, double-check that Wonka isn’t trying to ruin your fun!


By: Joshua G. and Jackson W.

Food Arena, Candy Canes!

Candy Cane- Food Arena

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Ladies & Gentlemen… This is Food Arena!

On today’s post we are going to be talking about Candy Canes! Candy Canes are a fun treat that everyone loves. But did you ever look at how much sugar is in an average candy cane? There are 14 grams of sugar in one candy cane (0.5 oz)! That’s more than half of amount of sugar that your supposed to eat in a day!