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14 grams… Natural!

Monkey - Banana

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Can you do simple division?

If so, then from the picture you can tell that one inch of banana has two grams of sugar…

That means the average banana has fourteen grams of sugar.  However, these fourteen grams are natural sugar, so they are not bad for you.


-Picture by Tiffany D.

-Written by Daniel C.

(Much help by Michael C.)

Blame it on the Cow!


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No one likes dry cereal for breakfast. But when you add the milk, your breakfast gets a whole lot sweeter.

That’s because 1 cup of whole milk contains 12 grams of natural sugar called lactose. That’s already HALF of your daily sugar intake in just ONE serving of milk!

Lucky for us, milk has many other nutrients that are good for your body. Just don’t chug down a whole gallon.



-Tiffany D. and Hannah D.

My Sweet Clementine. . .


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Don’t you LOVE the juicy juice inside that clementine? And don’t you just LOVE the smell of strawberries? But which one has less sugar? 

In one cup of strawberries, there are 9 grams of sugar. On the other hand, in a serving size of 2 clementines, there are 13 grams of sugar.

So if you are on a strict low-sugar diet, you *might* want to go with the strawberries.


Carrots Have Sugars Too? Didn’t ‘See’ That Coming.


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 Carrots may seem like cute and innocent orange triangles that you use to make snowmen noses out of.

But in reality, carrots have more sugar than almost any other vegetable, 5 grams. Fortunately, this sugar is natural sugar, but just be careful how many you eat.

Next time you see the army of bunnies stealing carrots from your garden, run outside and tell them to stop stuffing themselves with sugar.


-Audrey P. and Tiffany D.


Slices of Healthiness


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People tend to think that McDonald’s is unhealthy, but there is something on the menu that actually HELPS your body. 

Apple slices have natural sugars.  They have vitamins and minerals that help your body to function correctly.

It’s almost impossible to go to McDonald’s without eating sugar, but it’s possible for you to consume sugar that your body actually NEEDS.



By Colten and Joel