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Helping Mr.Miles

Mr. Miles, one of our subscribers, saw our sugarway post and asked us if there are delicious treats that can replace Subway cookies but still have a sweet taste. To answer that question, we taste tested two desserts to see if they could replace this sweet treat.

IMG_20160822_082908897_HDR  IMG_20160822_084045643_HDR 

The first treat we tried is the chocolate graham cracker ice cream cake. It is made out of chocolate graham crackers and any sugar free whipped cream. Together, it adds up to nine grams of sugar ( that is 50% less sugar than the subway cookie).

Another treat is the creamy caramel crunch cake. All you need to make it are caramel rice cakes, low fat (or sugar free) whipped cream, and sugar free caramel  sundae sauce. This treat adds up to 3 1/2 grams of sugar! That is around 75% less than the subway cookie.

This just goes to show that you can find an alternative to a sugary dessert that is not as sweet but is good to eat.

Written by Emilie M., Angela X., and Penelope V.