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Sugar Charms Will Kill You!

Lucky Charms

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My family likes to have cereal for breakfast. My little brothers like to have Lucky Charms everyday. They say it’s sweet, but how? How much sugar is in Lucky Charms?

One cup of Lucky Charms has 13.3 g of sugar. 24 grams are one day worth of sugar. So if you had a cup of Lucky Charms for breakfast today, you already ate half of the sugar that you can eat.

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By: Grace K.

Slide By:Matthew N.

High Protein Bar


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ThinkThin is a High Protien Bar with no sugar…..Almost.

ThinkThin High Protien Bars have 20 grams of protien and 0 grams of sugar. But this bar has 23 total carbs. 11 grams of those carbs are sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohol is not alcohol. It is a type of sweet carbohydrates.

Sugar alcohol is better for you than sugar, and in some cases studies has been shown to have health improvements.


By:Matthew N.

A Mound of Sugar?

Mounds Versus Almond Joy

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Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.  Almond Joy’s got nuts, Mounds don’t.

Since we did a post on Almond Joy’s, I thought we should give honor to its brother, the Mound.  It turns out the Mound actually has only 7 grams of sugar compared to the Almond Joy’s 8.  But the Mound has half of a gram of saturated fat more than the Almond Joy.  Both these tasty snacks are better than your bargain snack bar.



By: Thomas Ketterer

Edited by: Rohan K.

Milky Way V.S. Snickers

Mily vs snickers

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How many of you like Snickers? How many of you like Milky Way? Well, hold on to your candy wrappers and call me Willy Wonka, because it’s time to put these two decievingly delecious chocolates to the test!

Believe it or not, the winner is Snickers! Snickers has 27 grams of sugar per bar, while Milky Way has 35 grams per bar! However, I say Snickers wins with a huge grain of salt. Since you are only supposed to eat 24 grams of sugar per day, and Snickers doesn’t make the cut. So if you have the choice, don’t choose either.


By: Rohan K.

Edited By: Stewart B.

You’re Not You When Your Hungry!

Do you like to eat Snickers chocolate bars?

Marsha does:

You won’t when you find out  how much sugar is in them.

In one Snickers bar there is 27 grams of sugar. That is a little over one day of sugar. Can you go a whole day without sugar? I don’t think so because there is sugar in everything.

You won’t be eating a Snickers bar ever again as long as I’m watching.


By: Lauren P. & Kate P.

Mr. Goodbar or Mr. Badbar

mr goodbar

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Good!? What is good about 34 grams of sugar!?

Nothing. Nothing is good about chocolate covered peanuts. People may think peanuts are good for you, well news flash, they’re not so good for you when covered in that scrumptious chocolate. If you ate one bar you have gone over your days sugar by 10. Is it worth it?


By: Jadon W.

Dunkin’ Donuts – Glaze Craze!

Glazed Muchkin

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Glazed munchkins for breakfast…great, right?

This delicious meal might seem like a treat, but it certainly has lots of sugar. In fact, just by eating 4 glazed munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts has 12 grams of sugar! This means that 1 munchkin has 3 grams of sugar. Can you believe that in one meal, you could waste half of your sugars for the day!



By: Katie R.

Slide by:MatthewN.

Honey Buns VS Cinnamon Buns TO THE DEATH!


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Have you ever had a sweet roll Honey Bun or Cinnamon Bun before?

Think about the sugar in them that makes them so delicious. In a Little Debbie Honey Bun there are approximately 13 grams of sugar, and in a Frosted Cinnamon Bun there are approximately 15 grams of sugar. In your mind, you’re probably thinking that this isn’t a lot of sugar, but this is added sugar so it can affect your health really badly.

Neither one of these options is healthy, BUT if you are going to choose one of these as a snack to eat I would choose the honey bun.


By: Lauren P. and Kate P.

Apple Salads Have Sugar Too?

Wendy's Apple salad

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Have you ever thought salads are healthy?

Well, Wendy’s salad sure looks healthy from all their advertisements. But Wendy’s Apple Pecan Chicken Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette Dressing has 40 grams of sugar. That’s almost double of what you should have in one day! Some of that sugar might be natural sugar from the apples, but still Wendy’s salads may not be healthy overall.


By: Daniel A.

Slide by:Matthew N.

The Cream or Cookie – It Doesn’t Matter

Oreo Cookies

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Yummm… Don’t you just love Oreos?

Unfortunately, three Oreo cookies (serving size) has 14 grams of sugar! Because your body is only supposed to consume 24 grams of  added sugar each day, this snack takes up over half of the grams of sugar you’re supposed to consume a day! No matter if your cream or cookie, this treat is just too sugary.


by: Katie R.

Slide by:Matthew N.