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The gamer diet, a 2 liter bottle of Mt. Dew and a family sized bag of Doritos. Even though the meal may sound good, it is anything but.

To start of a regular sized bottle (12 fl oz) of the Dew has 46.3 grams of sugar! Now you may think that that alone is ridiculous and you would be right, because, that is practically all the sugar in this combo. That is because a bag of Doritos (11 oz) has only a tiny 1 gram of sugar.

This combo may not be as bad if you were to go on a run or play a sport, but, gamers can’t sacrifice their precious time on unimportant things like that. I mean, those levels aren’t going to complete themselves!


Your 8-Gram Hero,


The New York Times Is On To Something

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Want to know how much sugar you eat each day?

Then you should go to this awesome interactive quiz by The New York Times. Basically what you can do is go through your daily foods and see how much added sugar you consume.

They have a good variety of foods and it’s very accurate. It’s also mind blowing how much sugar there is in average foods. One of the coolest parts of this is that if you scroll down you see how you blew the sugar, you can see how much sugar is in each piece of food.

I had some members at Sugar Kills and Kiva try this and there was a big variety of amounts. Some had 10 grams, another had 46 grams, one even had as high as 151 grams of sugar! I personally got 25 grams of sugar, but something tells me that we all won’t follow that exactly.



By: Jadon Wellum

Mountain Dew mouth



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Have you ever wanted a nice cold Mountain Dew on a nice average temperature day?

Mountain Dew has 276 grams of sugar in 2 liters! Even if you don’t drink all of this in a day, this still has way too much sugar. If you drink Mountain Dew, think twice about this absurd sugar killer. Not trying to spoil your appetite, but have you heard of Mounting Dew mouth?

It can really mess your mouth up so badly to the point you will not want to smile again!

Scientists have done tests on people from when they are babies to adults, and the results were not that good.

So is Mountain Dew really worth drinking most of the time?


Cream Soda Will KILL you!

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A lot of people love and cherish soda, like me. Especially cream soda.

But what you don’t know is that an average serving (12 fl oz) has 45 grams of sugar in a A&W cream soda! That is more than enough sugar! It is about twice the amount you should have per day! Tons of servings that are stacked will be devastating to your health! When you think about opening a can of cream soda, think about how much you will drink! If you still want the tasty flavor of cream soda, diet cream soda is the alternative for your sweet tooth. Just remember, Sugar Kills!


By: Jordan E

Slide by: Jordan E

Fanta Orange- what’s really in there

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I don’t know about you, but when I go to a place such as Burger King, I like to get a soda. Preferably a nice, refreshing, Fanta Orange. Fortunately, I realized that this drink is way over the sugar limit. 2 Cups of Fanta Orange is 60 grams of sugar, which is way over the 24 grams of sugar limit. Even if I got one cup , which is pretty small (and the smallest size), I still would have consumed 30 grams of sugar.


#Fantakiller #Sugarkills

Post by: Gus.T


Slide by: Gus.T and Nikolai.S

Pouring on the Pounds Part 2

Do you remember the video we shared with you in January 2013? 

It disturbingly shared that drinking one 12 ounce soda a day will make you 10 pounds fatter each year! If you don’t here’s a link to the video. Well, the creators, the New York City Department of Health, have just released this video, check it out:

Could you imagine walking 3 miles just to burn off the calories of a 20 ounce can of soda!  That’s a lot of walking.

Considering that portion sizes have been getting bigger and bigger — especially in restaurants where most of the time you can refill your soda for free — you should think twice about what you are drinking… unless you like walking!


Written By: Jadon W, Thomas K and Mitchell R

Video By: NYC Department of Health

Are Your Parents Trying to Kill You?

Hi C v Coke

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Do your parents pack you a juice box in your lunch box everyday? If yes, your parents are killing you.

Your parents would never pack you a classic red can Coke every day because it has too much sugar. So, instead they probably would pack you a juice box for lunch instead. They  think that’s healthier. They Think. The Hi-c juice box has more sugar than a red can Coke. It has 44.4 grams of sugar!  A classic red can Coke has less than that. It has 39.9 grams of sugar! Solution: DRINK WATER!!!

People should start to notice how much sugar they are consuming in their drinks. Some people might have 5 juice boxes a day! Compare that to red can coke!

Super Sodas or Super Bad Sodas


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They are definitely super bad sodas!

With some staggering in the upper 30s and 40s, some of the sodas are diabetes in a can. We have found and compared 5 of the most common sodas; Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, and Mountian Dew. The results were expectable but at the same time, outrageous. On average the sodas listed above have 40.706 grams of sugar.


By: Jadon W

Coca Cola Classic Slurpee

Coca Cola

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Dying to have a nice, cool refreshment on a hot day?

Try to pick up something else besides a Coca Cola Classic Slurpee, because that has 27 grams of sugar in a 12 ounce bottle!! That’s your whole days worth of sugar blown away, and part of your next days’ worth too!


By: Nikolai S.

Slide by:Matthew N.