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Coke vs. Coke Zero


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Have you ever thought about drinking a nice Coke to cool you down in the heat of summer?

You shouldn’t go drinking a regular Coke because in a 12-ounce bottle, there are 40 grams of sugar. That is almost double the amount of sugar you should consume in one day, so a regular coke is out of the question.

You might think a coke zero is better, because in one 12-ounce coke zero there is less than 1 gram of sugar. Now you might think that a coke zero is the right choice, however you are wrong.  In fact, a coke zero contains chemicals such as phosphoric acid, an acid that can dissolve a fingernail in four days. This deadly acid will also break down your teeth.

Do you want these going into your body and perhaps hurting you? We certainly don’t think so.  Instead of drinking one of these, try diet coke or water. Both have no significant amount of sugar or acid.


-Krish P. and Stewart B.

Edited by Michael C.and Kayla P.


1 Cent for 116 Grams of Sugar? Good Deal!

You take your 1 cent and your Limited Black Edition 2015 Roo Cup into the gas station. Now, what flavor to pick…

We researched four types of Icee flavors – Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry. Here are the nutritional results:

1. Blue Raspberry has the most sugar at 116 grams – 4.8 days worth of sugar.

2. The Icee with the second most sugar was Cherry flavored at 85 grams – 3.5 days worth of sugar.

3. Third is the Mountain Dew Freeze, which contains 64 grams of sugar – 2.7 days worth of sugar.

4. Finally, the Pepsi flavored Icee had the least, with 60.8 grams of sugar – 2.5 days worth of sugar.

All these calculations assume a serving size of 32 ounces – the size of an average Roo Cup. We hope you remember not only that the Pepsi has the least sugar, but that any slushy is bad for you!



-Conor A.

Edited by Daniel and Michael C.

Food Arena Review, $2 for Ticket to Death

Soda Food Arena

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Ladies & Gentlemen… This is Food Arena!

On today’s post we are going to be talking about vending machines. The average soda vending machine makes you pay 2$ for a soda, but did you know that that ONE 12 oz bottle of the average soda has 40 grams of sugar! That’s almost how much sugar you should have in TWO days!

Its Settled Folks You Can Get a Ticket to Death with 2 Dollars!


Your Death Is Floating Around!

root beer floats






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That delicious root beer float that you always crave for, really you should be wanting to run away from.

In one large serving of the root beer float from the A&W restaurant, there are 110 grams of sugar. That’s almost 5 days worth of you’re daily amount of sugar – 24 grams per day. Remember, the next time you order a frothy float, you’re packing your body with over a hundred grams of sugar.


by: Krish P, and Matthew N

Dr. Pepper Might Cause Cancer, but it WILL Cause Fat!

Dr. Pepper

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When you reach in the fridge for a drink, make sure it’s something healthy, and not a soda like Dr. Pepper.

Dr. Pepper has 27.6 grams of sugar, 104 calories, no protein, and 28 carbohydrates. Clearly, you shouldn’t be drinking it! But that’s just in one 8 ounce cup! Instead, you should have a drink like water or milk.

Even Diet Dr. Pepper (0 grams) has chemicals which makes it just as bad as regular Dr. Peppers. It has red dye, and some researchers say it may cause cancer. A Dr. Pepper a day keeps you in the doctor’s office!



By: Erik K and Krish P

The Soda Ban Has Been Banned

New York City has officially banned it’s ban on sugary drinks larger than 16 oz. 

When we started this blog over two years ago the New York City Soda Ban was causing major debates. Earlier this year, New Yorks highest court declared the ban unconstitutional. This is an important event to us, because the idea of the ban is the main reason we started the blog. We were 6th graders then, and I remember having many interesting arguments with my class mates about the ban. These arguments lead to further research on sugar which eventually led to the #sugarkills blog.

The idea of the ban was that if people can’t buy a 32oz soda, then they won’t drink 32oz of sugar, thus lowering the cities sugar total. The problem is that you can just buy two 16oz sodas, and by having to carry around an extra bottle, people will get annoyed. There was about an 18 month long debate that went on, and early this year the law banning soda’s over 16oz was going to be put in effect…

BUT… The supreme court stepped in and declared the ban unconstitutional, so New Yorkers can continue to drink big sodas at will.  Our #sugarkills gang had a hard time deciding whether the ban is a good idea or not. Personally I agree with the supreme court and that the ban would limit freedom. But it would be good if people drunk less soda.


-Ried D.

Sugar Smackdown

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When you’re tired and you want some extra energy, you go get an energy drink. But you don’t know which energy drink to chose between Amp, or Monster energy.


Both are really high in sugar. 16 ounces of Amp energy has 58 grams of sugar and 16 ounces of Monster energy has 53.2 grams of sugar , also all energy drinks can cause death.


By:Matthew N and Stewart B

Controversy With The Lunch Program

On  July 1st, 2014,  many schools in the U.S stopped selling unhealthy foods in the cafeteria and vending machines (see our School Lunch post).

Many students are unhappy with this change because they argue it limits their freedom. One student said “I don’t want junk food to be ‘outlawed,’ because as long as these snacks are eaten in moderation they can’t do any serious harm in our school.” That is true, but how many middle-schoolers are disciplined enough to eat junk food “in moderation” when given the opportunity not to? From the scene in our cafeteria it’s obvious that not many do.

So maybe it was a good idea to take away the junk food, and add healthy foods. Here’s what one student said, “If we have healthier foods, we tend to like them more over time.” Plus they are healthier in the long run. That would be a perfect world situation, kids eating healthy while enjoying the food they eat. But we all know we don’t live in a perfect world and the kids just don’t like the healthy foods the government is trying to force us into eating.

What is more important kids happiness, or kids unhappily eating healthy?


-Ried D.

The Crazy Amount Of Sugar Hiding In Random Foods

Have you ever wondered how much sugar is in a Spicy McChicken Sandwich?

… Probably not because you wouldn’t think it’d have sugar. Think again!

It’s unbelievable how much sugar is in random foods!

Video Credit: BuzzFeedVideo

-Mac S. and Conor A.

Coke Life Could End Your Life


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Coke Life is not as healthy as you think it is.

Coca-Cola just came out with a new drink called “Coke Life.” It is supposed to be healthy, but it ended up having 4 teaspoons of sugar in a 330 mL can. Personally, I didn’t know how much sugar that was because I’m used to seeing it in grams. After some further research, I found out that one teaspoon is roughly five grams of sugar. So if you do the math, that’s about 20 grams of sugar in Coke life!

If they call that healthy, I’d hate to see what regular Coke is! Oh wait, we already know. How about REALLY UNHEALTHY!


-Joel H.