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The World’s Biggest Sugar Producer… Is Limiting Sugar!


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Before the holiday season New Delhi, and India, are limiting their sugar production, but for what reason?

You might be thinking that they are trying to be healthy, but really it is a way to earn more money. Sugar mills are not allowed to hold more than 8 percent of their output by the end of October. 

Basically, what that means is whatever amount of sugar they produce, they can only sell 8 percent of it. For example if they have 100 grams of sugar in stock, (Not actual amount.) then they can only sell 8 grams of it.

That basically means that sugar from New Delhi will cost more, so some of your favorite goods might increase in price. Giving them more money.


-Jadon Wellum

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The New York Times Is On To Something

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Want to know how much sugar you eat each day?

Then you should go to this awesome interactive quiz by The New York Times. Basically what you can do is go through your daily foods and see how much added sugar you consume.

They have a good variety of foods and it’s very accurate. It’s also mind blowing how much sugar there is in average foods. One of the coolest parts of this is that if you scroll down you see how you blew the sugar, you can see how much sugar is in each piece of food.

I had some members at Sugar Kills and Kiva try this and there was a big variety of amounts. Some had 10 grams, another had 46 grams, one even had as high as 151 grams of sugar! I personally got 25 grams of sugar, but something tells me that we all won’t follow that exactly.



By: Jadon Wellum

Is Philly Being Silly?

How much are you willing to pay for soda?

If people in Philadelphia want a soda, they are going to have to pay a little more than normal. How much? 1.5 cents per ounce more! That’s because Philadelphia is passing a law that states that when you buy a soda, you have to pay 1.5 cents for every ounce of soda. That means a can of Coke-Cola will cost 11 cents more!

Now that may not seem like much more money for the government, but Philadelphia is expected to earn 91 million dollars in the next year! While this law may make people healthier, the government convinced people to support it by promising to use the money they make from the tax to improve schools and community centers.

That begs the question, how many sodas will be bought?! If everyone bought the same size soda, a can of Coke-Cola, that means about 8,088,888 cans. As of right now there is only one other city in the US who has passed a similar law — a city in California called Berkeley, where the distributors, or sellers of soda, have to pay one more cent per ounce to sell their soda.

New York has also tried to pass laws on sodas.  In 2013 The New York City Board of Health tried to pass a law where sodas over 16 ounces were banned.  This was ruled out by the New York Supreme Court. One of the reasons this was denied was that it only applied to restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums, and similar businesses, while grocery stores were still allowed to sell sodas of any size. In my opinion I think a soda ban is a decent idea, but it’s unfair to leave one of the biggest soda-selling industries out.

Returning to Philadelphia, Coke-Cola and Pepsi-Co are more than upset about this law. It definitely means that sales will go down, which means they earn less money. They should count their blessings though, because the original tax was to be 3-cents-per-ounce.  This was halved because it was thought to be too ridiculous.

Philadelphia may be an inspiration to other cities, so this law may someday apply to you.

But now my question for you is, what do you think about this law?

By Jadon W.