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Sugar Kills is on Pause.


Over the last several years, my students have been writing extensively about the amount of added sugar in the foods that we eat on a regular basis.  That work has been incredibly rewarding for me:  Watching students educate others and raise awareness about an issue of such importance is just plain cool.

We are, however, taking a bit of a pause in our work.

Know that the content we have created here will never go away — and that it is likely we will start creating new content again someday.  For the time being, though, there won’t be a ton of new content to explore.

Hope that makes sense,

Bill Ferriter

The teacher behind the Sugar Kills gang.

Is Healthy Food Really Healthy?

It’s obvious that a doughnut is unhealthy. You know that cookies have a lot of sugar. You know junk food is unhealthy, because it’s junk food.

But what about the foods you think are healthy.

For example yogurt’s healthy, right?

Or is it?

Take a guess at how much sugar is really in yogurt?

There are 8.55 grams of added sugar in a Chobani yogurt.  That’s over half of your day’s sugar allotment.

Here’s another example: Cranberries are healthy right?

They are. Half a cup of raw cranberries contains 2 grams of natural sugar. Cranberries are healthy, but no one likes raw cranberries because they’re too bitter, so companies dry them, jam pack them with sugar before they sell them to you. You think they’re healthy, because they’re fruit, so you buy them.

But if you look, a half a cup of dried cranberries contains 23.4g of added sugar!

Have I convinced you yet?

Foods you may think are healthy may not actually be healthy. Many contain hidden sugars designed to make them taste better to you.

In fact, 74% of packaged foods in an average grocery store have added sugar in them.

That’s a lot. That means 7 out of 10 items in the grocery store have added sugar in them. So you really have to be careful when you go grocery shopping.

So beware next time you go grocery shopping.


By:Hannah Loram

Don’t you love your Skittles?


Ever had a Skittles pouch?

I bet you have, and you probably loved them.

But, are you ready to hear the dark side of Skittles?

Here we go!

1/4, of a cup of Skittles has a mind blowing 30.6 grams of sugar — and listen to this: You’re only supposed to have 24 grams of sugar a day.

Think about that.

See the problem?

You’re 6 grams of sugar above what you should have in a day. In only  1/4 of a cup of Skittles!

By: Shiv Z

We’re Back!

(click to enlarge)

After a refreshing track-out we are back and training more kids for our club! The summer was hot and the lemonade was tasty. We hope to make many more posts about sugar and about moon pies. Do you have any questions? How about any suggestions or requests? Feel free to leave a comment. We are looking forward to a great year!

Not so Dinky Twinkies

( click to enlarge )

Have you ever had a delicious Hostess Twinkies? Do you have them often? Well, there is 33 grams of added sugar in 2 Twinkies. That is 9 more grams than how much sugar you should have daily! Think, do you want to have 2 Twinkies or 5 pieces of a KitKat? Which one do you think is a better deal?


By: Sophie B., Dabney H., Kaylee R.

See You Later!

It’s that time again that us Killzers kick back, put our feet up, and enjoy the amazing weather outside. We’ll be gone for about 3 weeks, then we’ll be back to making some new content. Feel free to leave a comment about something you’d like to see a post abouts. Thanks always,

~The Sugar Kills Team

We’re Back

Our three week break is over now

After three weeks of sleeping in , playing with friends, and watching football — in other words, on vacation — we are ready to get back to sharing our knowledge of sugar with you.

Be on the lookout for posts this week about Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips.


By:Stewart B.

See you Later

It’s the time for the leaves to fall and the kids to pick out their Halloween costumes,

It’s also the time when middle schoolers kick their feet up and spend a few weeks out of school , staying up late and sleeping in.  Sugar IS important — but so is Fall Vacation, y’all!

That means there won’t be any new posts here until we are back in school near the end of October!  We are looking forward to writing for you again — but we are also looking forward to camping trips and sleepovers too!


The Sugar Kills Team.

Sugarbucks: Classic Coffee Cake


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Have you ever gone to Starbucks looking for something “healthy” to eat? I don’t know about you but I look straight at the Classic Coffee Cake. There’s no chocolate or glaze.

Healthy, right?

No! It has 36 grams of sugar! That is 12 (50%) more grams of sugar than the limit which is 24 grams of sugar.

So next time you stop at the coffee shop stay away from the Classic Coffee Cake.


by Sanjit & Drew

Were Back!!!!!

#Sugarkills has returned

After a long four weeks of track-out we have come back. Our 8th graders have gone to high school and new 6th graders have joined SugarKills. Our 8th graders our really going to try their best to keep post coming. We hope that our new 6th graders will help by producing many post this year. We hope this year is going to be a great year with a variety of different posts.


By:Matthew N. and Stewart B.