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We’re Back!!!

After three and a half weeks off we are back. 

We’ve had a nice break, but are ready to start posting again. Just a reminder that this is the last quarter before the end of our school year. After that our 8th graders will be moving on and we will have a fresh batch of 6th graders. Keeping on living that healthy life!

~The Sugar Killzers

We’re Back

After three weeks we are back.

We have been tracked out for the past three weeks and are back and ready to get more posts up.

We have got post going on the increased rates of diabetes, Mega stuffed Oreos and Boston Cream Donuts.


By:Matthew N.

We’re Back

After a long 5 week track out filled with donuts, ice cream and Hot chocolate, we are back to expressing our concern about high sugar foods.

Since Super Bowl week is the most unhealthy week in the whole year for our sugar totals and our wallets, it should be an interesting week’s worth of writing!



By: Stewart B. and Marvin G.

We’re Back!!!!!


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We’re back!!

Track 4 is back in school and we’ll continue to put more post on this blog. The 8th graders have left and it’s up to the 7th graders to continue this blog the best we can.


By:Matthew N. and Stewart B.

We’re Back… Again!!!

The #Sugarkills team is back from break and ready to be “enriched with knowledge”… I mean, work hard on our tests and projects…

It’s the time of the year again, the sugary snow cones and ice cream sandwiches try to take over the world! We will also be back to updating the blog almost daily, and try to save you from a sugary summer death.



We’re Back!



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After three weeks of sleeping in, hunting wabbits, playing with fireworks, watching grass grow, and hunting more wabbits — in other words, on vacation — we are ready to get back to sharing our knowledge of sugar with you.

Be on the lookout for posts this week about Cosmic Brownies and Oatmeal Cream Pies.



– The #sugarkills gang