Controversy With The Lunch Program

On  July 1st, 2014,  many schools in the U.S stopped selling unhealthy foods in the cafeteria and vending machines (see our School Lunch post).

Many students are unhappy with this change because they argue it limits their freedom. One student said “I don’t want junk food to be ‘outlawed,’ because as long as these snacks are eaten in moderation they can’t do any serious harm in our school.” That is true, but how many middle-schoolers are disciplined enough to eat junk food “in moderation” when given the opportunity not to? From the scene in our cafeteria it’s obvious that not many do.

So maybe it was a good idea to take away the junk food, and add healthy foods. Here’s what one student said, “If we have healthier foods, we tend to like them more over time.” Plus they are healthier in the long run. That would be a perfect world situation, kids eating healthy while enjoying the food they eat. But we all know we don’t live in a perfect world and the kids just don’t like the healthy foods the government is trying to force us into eating.

What is more important kids happiness, or kids unhappily eating healthy?


-Ried D.


  1. lisa Gurthie

    I remember my first time teaching in a school that didn’t care what students ate.(My first two years were in a boarding school with very healthy food) I watched in horror as students grabbed nothing but fries and donuts – and I asked at the other teachers about it. They said it was not their problem. I remember being very shocked at such an uncaring attitude toward their students’ health. My school’s cafeteria now is pretty good and they manage to give healthy options a lot of flavor. They “put the love in”, as my son would say.

    • Angela

      I do have to agree with this… If we are not given the opportunity to eat healthy how can we? We are told we should eat healthier, but how can we when we are filled with many vending machines filled with unhealthy food. If we are around things that are healthier we can get used to eating healthy. Sometimes although it is up to us to choose to eat healthy or not, it’s what is convenient that causes us to eat unhealthy…