Cream Strikes Again


Oatmeal pies


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The way the oatmeal pie cream rolls down your throat is so delicious you just want more, but trust me it can wait till tomorrow or the next day

Have you ever had a small oatmeal pie and say I just want more? They are delicious but here is the truth; one small oatmeal pie has 12 grams of sugar! That’s half of your day in one small oatmeal pie. I used to have one every day but now I am going to consider maybe pretzels with milk or some type of healthy snack.


By: Keegan M.

Edited By: Billy R.

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  1. Harman Bhullar

    That is very interesting, but I just have one question about what kind of oatmeal pie are you talking about. Is this a store bought oatmeal cake you are talking about? Also, you say that 24 grams is a safe amount of sugar that a person can consume. I just have a question about that, also: if a person were to consume 24 grams of sugar through some treats, (such as a oatmeal pie) and after a few hours go and exercise while burning a lot of calories. Would their body have used up some of that 24 grams allowing them to consume more sugar? If they could, would a person, theoretically, be able to consume a large amount of sugar (say 501 grams) and exercise and burn enough calories that their body used up enough calories that they are still within a safe range of sugar consumed in a day?