Death, Only 25 Cents?


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Don’t you love your quarter and your Roo Cup?

Well it should be your worst enemy, because just ONE Cherry Fanta flavored Roo Cup refill contains 46.6 grams of added sugar!

Just one innocent Roo Cup can ruin your sugar total for 2 days!  That might not sound so bad, but I can’t go an hour without sugar.


-Ried D.


  1. Mrs. D

    Ried… step away from the sugar! For a healthier option, how about refilling that Roo Cup with water… add a squeeze of lemon and ONE packet of sugar and you still have a tasty drink to enjoy.

  2. Moms

    Yikes! Thanks for the providing the ammo for my “no” response to the regular question “but why can’t WE have a Roo cup, Mom?” I gots my answer now!

  3. Mandy Holmes

    People would say you should drink a glass of juice instead of soda. How much sugar would a glass of orange juice have compared to a glass of soda? By the way I just met your teacher in Australia, he’s great!

    • William Ferriter

      Thanks for stopping by sugar kills! Orange juice has a round 22 grams of sugar (varies on pulp) and most sodas have around 40 grams of sugar (my favorite soda Sunkist has 44 grams of sugar). The difference is that soda is added sugar and Orange Juice is natural sugar. So most of the time OJ is what you should drink but sodas aren’t a ridiculous treat every now and then.
      -Ried D.

  4. Andrew McKie

    Hello from Australia! I met Mr Ferriter at a conference in Melbourne last weekend. I am very impressed with your blog. I have to say I am very concerned about the sugar content of breakfast cereals. Has anyone done any research in this area? Keep up the good work!
    Andrew McKie
    The Geelong College

  5. Lynda Cutting

    Hi Kids,
    I am sitting at a conference in Melbourne with your teacher and he telling us all about your amazing blog. I LOVE it. But I have one question. I also love chocolate frogs and I was wondering….how much sugar is in a chocolate frog?

  6. Tatum Fogarty

    Wow guys your blog is very educational!

    Over here in Australia we’re wondering how much sugar your famous pop tarts have?

    How unhealthy is this breakfast item?

  7. Annette Chidzey

    Hi students, Like Mr. McKie, I met your teacher at a recent teachers’ conference in Melbourne last weekend. I was very impressed with your work and this #sugarkills blog in particular. My Year 10 class want to post comments as well when they get a chance. In the meantime, I wonder whether America has considered introducing a fat tax for those who are considered obese? Is a ban or a tax the only way to regulate sugar overload by a government? What do you think?

  8. Mrs D

    In our house, there is always a battle over soda. My kids would drink it non-stop if I let them. So I switched to making good ole fashioned KoolAid and instead of adding 1 whole cup of sugar (199.8g), I reduce to 3/4 cup (150g). Cup for cup comparison – an 8 oz glass of *cola* has 21.3g of sugar and “my” KoolAid has 18.75. Plus they have the added benefit… the fun of making it themselves!