Do People in Poor Countries Have a Healthier Diet?

During class, we watched a movie called a Dollar a Day. Four college students went to a poor place in Guatemala. They went there for 56 days and had 56 dollars in all. They would draw out of a hat how much money they get for that day. They could get anywhere from 0 to 9 dollars a day. At the end of the 56 days, they had spent all of their money.

Image - Dollar a Day

During their time, they encountered really nice people. People who had almost nothing invited them into their home and gave them a nice dinner.

The four college student grew their own food, such as radishes. Overall, however, they had very little food. What made it hard for these students is that they went from having a lot of food one day to almost nothing, just like that. Their bodies had to quickly adjust to their new environment and life style.

In the movie, the four students tried to survive by themselves and do it all themselves.

After the first week, they realized that everyone had to work together as a community to survive.  The college students learned that life is hard in the conditions that they experienced. For the people who have to live there for their entire life, life truly is a struggle.

The movie taught me that in poor countries, people have to grow their crops and buy food from the fresh market. That means that they don’t have nearly as much candy or sweets as we do in the United States (or any at all).

Here in North Carolina, we can go to the store and buy sweets and all different varieties of food. In poor countries, the crops that they grow are things like corn and radishes.

In poor countries their diet is high in vegetables, soups and other things that are naturally high in vitamins.

People in these countries might be healthier than the people in the developed world who eat a lot of candy, fast foods and things that are really bad for your body.

The challenge in poor countries is that they often can’t get enough money to buy the necessary food they need to stay filled up. They do eat healthier foods in general, due to the lack of available sweets, and the crops that they grow are always fresh. Here in the U.S., our pantries are full of all kinds of different foods.

We need to help poor countries. But we also need to help our own countries eat healthier… and eating healthier starts by being aware of how much sugar is in our foods.

Matthew N.

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