Do you have a “Crush” on Sugar?


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Have you ever had a “refreshing” can of  Orange Crush?

In about 2/3 of a serving you drink in more sugar than the healthy amount to have in a day. But who stops at one can even half the time?

Next time, just pick up a Diet Crush, which has a grand total of NO sugar as compared to 33 grams, or even better just plain water.

If you get over your Crush you can be a lot healthier.


By: Madison H. and Sarah G.


  1. Chad Lykins

    Great advice! I have a quick question though about diet drinks. I heard that your body can get tricked by the sweetness in them and produce the same harmful chemical reactions as when you drink real sugar. Is that true? Should I avoid diet drinks also? Love the blog. Keep up the great work!

  2. William Ferriter

    Thanks for your great question Mr. Lykins. It is a very interesting question. We are working on an answer and will post it by Friday.

    -Keegan M.

  3. William Ferriter

    Mr. Lykins, we hope we have found you your answer. Recent research from Perdue University shows that drinking diet soda does trick your body.

    Your body actually doesn’t respond correctly to artificial sweeteners. It doesn’t release insulin, the hormone that regulates your blood pressure, so your body ends up craving more sugar then needed.

    Overtime your body doesn’t realize how much sugar it really had. This causes you to want more and more sugar. So if you start only drinking diet soda to lose weight the opposite might happen. Again, we hope we answered your question.

    Learn more here:

    -Sarah G. and Madison H.

    • Chad Lykins

      I guess I need to limit regular soda and diet soda. Thanks for the answer!