DQ Whiteout!

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The amount of sugar in this delicious Blizzard will certainly give you chills.  

So, we’ve made blogs about about Dairy Queen Blizzards in the past, but we’ve realized that we’ve only covered the mini-sized one. Recently, we have found how much sugars are in a large blizzard, and it will give you some mad frostbite.

There is a whopping 111 grams of sugar in a Large Oreo Blizzard (17.6 oz.) There is also 1016 calories, which will take about 5 hours of walking to burn off! You guys may love your blizzards but is it really worth 4 and a half days of sugar AND half of your daily calories?


By: Jadon W and Horacio A


  1. rhianna brown

    Jadon and Horacio thank you so much for the DQ Whiteout information.. it let’s me know that a DQ Blizzard large is not worth five hours of walking.. lol.. #GivingUpBlizzards #ThanksSugarKills

    Rhianna, Savannah, GA

  2. Megan Anderson

    Oh my goodness!! Thanks for the information. This is so great to know. Keep up the hard work!