Evil Bar of Butter

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It has a sweet buttery inside, but what is really inside? Butterfingers are delicious, but are they really worth it?

One Butterfinger blows your whole sugar intake for the day in just one bar!  It’s hard to believe that there are 24 grams of sugar in just one candy bar.

Do you really want to waste your sugar intake for the whole day on just one bar of deliciousness? It makes you wonder how much sugar is in inside of foods.

We’re not saying to never have sugar, just make sure you don’t eat Butterfingers nonstop.



By: Hannah and Kayla

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  1. Rohan K

    Hey Mr. Ferriter and current SugarKills team! It’s been a while since I was at Salem, and I’m glad that SugarKills is still up and running as usual. Miss you Mr. Ferriter!