Food Arena… The Real Truth…

Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the Food Arena! 

Today we will be discussing the truth about food commercials. Have you ever seen one of those commercials about food that makes you desperate to run out of your house and go buy that nice, scrumptious burger that you just can’t resist? If you have, I’m sorry to say you have just been deceived. Those commercials are just lies that make you want to buy their food. Take a look.

Next time you see one of those ads, be careful and don’t fall for their tricks! Either way it’s only 5 grams of sugar, but a whole lot of fat and calories.




  1. Mark Moran

    This is an excellent blog! Information is our friend, and this is opening a lot of people’s eyes about the food they eat.

    McDonald’s published this video to show how it makes its food look so good in commercials.

    • William Ferriter

      Thanks for checking out our blog! This is an interesting video, because of how different the two burgers are. The commercial burger looks a lot better than the real ones they sell.