“How Dangerous is Sugar?”

We know #SugarKills but we don’t change our diet

Recently David Templeton wrote an article on “How Dangerous is sugar” this is the newest attempt to tell the world how bad sugar is. It’s no question that sugar is bad for us. But the question is, how do we get people to stop stuffing their faces in sugar?

Dr. Robert Lustig has YouTube lectures and his latest one “Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0,” has received over 236,000 views, so obviously people know Fructose and other sugars are bad for you. Yet people haven’t changed their diets, or watched their sugar. That’s why diabetes and sugar related deaths have increased since the turn off the century.

It has statistics from a study headed by Dr. Robert Lustig. This is a popular lecture given by him, and this is another great video.

Here are the statistics from the article:

“Sugar is listed in Nutrition Facts food labels by 56 names, including various malts and syrups.” (We have an article about this, but we have 102 names, not 56. We are not sure which is correct.)

25 percent of Type 2 diabetes is caused specifically by sugar consumption.”

“sugar consumption leads to fatty liver, high triglyceride and bad LDL cholesterol levels, plaque in blood vessels and insulin resistance leading to metabolic syndrome and diabetes.” (Paraphrased: sugar causes lots of bad problems.)

Paraphrased stat:

-If 10% of calories30% higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease. (10% of 2000 calories is 200, 4 calories is 1 gram of sugar. That is 50 grams of sugar per day.)

-If 25% of calories triple the risk for cardiovascular disease. (25% of 2000 calories is 500, 4 calories is 1 gram of sugar. That is 125 grams of sugar per day.)

All in all, sugar is bad for you. There is no denying it. Also, remember that these are not #sugarkills statistics.

-The #sugarkills team

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