How Much Added Sugar CAN You Safely Eat Per Day?

The most important thing to know while exploring our blog is the amount of added sugar that a tween/teen can eat on a daily basis.

Knowing that number will allow you to make comparisons to the amount of sugar in the foods that you like to eat.

So how much added sugar SHOULD you eat every day?

The answer may surprise you:  Sugar has NO nutritional value at all.  That means your body literally doesn’t need ANY sugar in order to survive.

Doctors say, however, that the average tween/teen can safely eat about 24 grams of added sugar per day:


(click image to enlarge)

On our blog, we’ll always represent one day’s worth of added sugar with this blue box.

That way, you’ll know just how much sugar you are SUPPOSED to be eating versus just how much sugar are in those tasty treats you ARE eating.



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