Insulin, Fat, and Grains (oh my!)

What you don’t see is what your body converts to sugar…..its all corn which is a grain. So not just added sugar, but what your body converts to sugar…….bad, bad, bad. Read SugarBusters! Grains, Corn, bread, pasta, your body converts to sugar and insulin is produced. Once insulin is present in the body, brain signals body to store what you just ate as fat.

-Paula on A Cereal Comparison that May Surprise You

Recently, a comment popped up on our site. It pointed out the fact that grains are converted to sugar, then to fat. It cites SugarBusters.

Naturally, I HAD to check this SugarBusters thing out. After reading for a little while, I realized that it only said that white bread and white rice produced the insulin and fat. It didn’t say that whole grain foods did this. Through basic logic, I assumed that whole grains don’t produce as much insulin and fat.

But, I went ahead and checked the internet just to be sure… and I according to this, my hypothesis was mostly right. Unfortunately, it seems that most starchy grains produce fat. An even better choice is fruits and non-starchy vegetables.

In conclusion, whole grains are better than white grains, but fruits and vegetables are better than both of them.


-Daniel C.

Note: Please read the link if you are more interested in the specifics. It goes into much more detail about this topic than I ever could.

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