Is Brown Sugar better than White Sugar?

white sugar brown sugar

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Have you ever heard that brown sugar is better (or healthier) than white sugar? If so, do you know the truth about brown sugar?

The answer is brown sugar is barely better than white sugar, or simplified as no.

Many people think that brown sugar is “raw” sugar, but actually it isn’t. Both white and brown sugar are from raw sugar, but the only difference is that brown sugar has some molasses, and white sugar does not.

When the companies are making brown sugar out of raw sugar, it is heated and melted into the liquid, and the colors are removed. That becomes the sugar well known as ‘white sugar.’ To make brown sugar, the companies (or manufacturers) add some molasses in and mix it.

That’s what it is made from. Do you still think that the brown sugar is healthier than the white sugar?


By: Grace Kim

Slide By:Matthew N.

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