Is Healthy Food Really Healthy?

It’s obvious that a doughnut is unhealthy. You know that cookies have a lot of sugar. You know junk food is unhealthy, because it’s junk food.

But what about the foods you think are healthy.

For example yogurt’s healthy, right?

Or is it?

Take a guess at how much sugar is really in yogurt?

There are 8.55 grams of added sugar in a Chobani yogurt.  That’s over half of your day’s sugar allotment.

Here’s another example: Cranberries are healthy right?

They are. Half a cup of raw cranberries contains 2 grams of natural sugar. Cranberries are healthy, but no one likes raw cranberries because they’re too bitter, so companies dry them, jam pack them with sugar before they sell them to you. You think they’re healthy, because they’re fruit, so you buy them.

But if you look, a half a cup of dried cranberries contains 23.4g of added sugar!

Have I convinced you yet?

Foods you may think are healthy may not actually be healthy. Many contain hidden sugars designed to make them taste better to you.

In fact, 74% of packaged foods in an average grocery store have added sugar in them.

That’s a lot. That means 7 out of 10 items in the grocery store have added sugar in them. So you really have to be careful when you go grocery shopping.

So beware next time you go grocery shopping.


By:Hannah Loram

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