Just An Average Breakfast…


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Never leave an 8th grader and cinnamon rolls alone in a house…

On Valentines Day, I woke up bright and early (noon) to check my phone to read all the “Happy Valentine’s Day” texts I wouldn’t receive… but instead saw that my parents had texted me saying they had taken my brothers to a skate shop, and I was home alone… With a big pan of cinnamon rolls. Not only did I find the rolls, but I also found a tub of extra frosting and two Reese’s Hearts.

I downed the 6 rolls and the Reese’s in a record speed (21 seconds) and nearly threw up in the process. Afterwards, I realized that I had easily blew my sugar total for the day. I did the math, and realized that the 6 Cinnamon Rolls had 92.5 grams, and the 2 Reese’s had 21 grams of sugar… I’m no math wiz, but that’s a LOT of sugar (113.5 grams, to be exact).



~Ried D.

Edited by Daniel C.

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