Kangaroo Icee

Kangaroo Icee

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Have you ever wondered how much sugar is in a Kangaroo Icee?

A 16oz Kangaroo cup has 59 grams of sugar. That is a lot worse than having a healthy snack like apple slices or a PB&J sandwich. There are a lot of people, from all ages, that go to Kangaroo to buy an Icee.

If you’re a parent who always hears your kids complaining that they want a Icee, an alternative would be a nice popsicle (which is still cold but has much less sugar).  If you get the Pepsi or Coca Cola flavor Icee, beware of the extra sugar.  It is okay to have a Icee once in a while, but just be careful how much you drink. Otherwise, you will end up with a giant sugar freeze.  Trust me, I know from experience!


-Liam M.

Edited by Daniel C.


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