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Don’t you just LOVE it when your favorite athlete comes on TV and tells you how GREAT Gatorade is?

Well they’re actually trying to KILL YOU!

Just by drinking one “harmless” 20 OZ bottle of Gatorade you will consume 35 grams of sugar! That’s almost one and a half days worth of sugar!

If you can’t live without Gatorade AT LEAST consider drinking G2. It only has 12.5 grams of sugar! That makes it a better choice.



-Ried and Daniel
( Team Duke )


  1. Sue D.

    Great article Ried and Daniel! Isn’t amazing how marketing and packaging play into our food choices? You would think an athlete would promote healthy options… you see someone you admire and you think ‘hey… he drinks that stuff… if I do, I’ll be strong or fast like him.’ And surprise! That’s not always the case!

  2. Sue D.

    Please help us solve an ongoing battle in our house… which is a better choice… soda, apple juice or Kool-Aid? Note: we make our Kool-Aid with 3/4 cup of sugar instead of 1 cup that the package calls for.