Little Debbie… Little Sugar?


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Cosmic Brownies — the perfect mix of chocolate, M&M’s and brownies — is such a great recipe… FOR DISASTER!

The sweet delicious flavor of Cosmic Brownies sends you out of this world! But the part you don’t realize, is that one brownie contains all the sugar you can have for one day – 24 grams. You’ve maxed out your allotted sugar total for the day, after just one tasty treat.



-Conor A, Dylan J and Ried D.










  1. Mrs. Thiessen

    Hi Guys!
    Thanks for all of your awesome work on this blog. My Biology 12 students are starting a unit on digestion and we will be checking out your blog soon. I will be asking each of them to post a comment on one of your articles in the next few days. We’re looking forward to hearing your responses!
    – Mrs. Thiessen, Abbotsford, BC

    • William Ferriter

      Thank you for checking out our blog! We look forward to seeing your students comment on our posts! Maybe you and your students could leave some requests for the foods you are interested in, and we can put some posts up just for you! -Ried D.