Merry Christmas

It’s that time of year…

Time for us to take a break from work and Christmas is just around the corner. This trackout is longer than usual we will be back on the 23rd of January. We are gonna go ride sleighs in Antarctica. Or maybe the #sugarkills team will try skydiving off of Mount Everest. Either way we are excited to track-out and having amazing holidays. We will back in 2017  hopefully gonna start the new year off with some new post.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

-Sugarkills Team


  1. Jill Caprathe

    Thanks for raising awareness of how much sugar is hidden in the foods we eat. I have told many people about your posts, and they agree that you guys are on the right track to being health-conscious advocates for a reduced-sugar society!
    Have a wonderful winter break, and send pictures from Antartica, or Mt. Everest, or wherever your travels take you! (jk) (read Peak, by Roland Smith for a trip up Mt. Everest- great book)