1. Mrs. Holender

    I love your post on strawberry milk! So many people talk about chocolate milk since it is more popular, but I like strawberry milk more! I wonder, though, whether strawberry milk or chocolate milk is “better”? Do you have any information on the sugar content of chocolate milk? (Forgive me if someone else has posted about chocolate milk; I didn’t search your class’s blog.)

    • William Ferriter

      As a matter of fact, we do have a chocolate milk post. There’s a link right here.

      Neither are very good for you, but I suppose if you had to choose one, chocolate would be “better” . . .

      -the Sugar Kills team

  2. Wm Chamberlain

    I love strawberry milk, but I don’t usually get it when I eat lunch at school. The other interesting thing is that strawberry milk is more expensive than white or chocolate milk!

  3. Mr. Macdonald (@MrMacnology)

    Elizabeth, this is what I try to tell my kiddos here at school. They like the chocolate milk, but we know that it has too much added sugar too. Do you think we should even continue to offer flavored milk in school? Or should we educate our students better on healthy living, and let them make the choice?

  4. Jonathan Swegles

    This is great information. I didn’t even know there was sugar in regular milk. I suppose this could be a great argument for a child who doesn’t want to even drink regular milk. Well done on the graphic!

  5. teachertong

    Great graphic, Elizabeth! The message is clear – stay away from fruit “flavoured” products. Have you tried making your own strawberry milk from fresh strawberries? It tastes awesome especially when strawberries are in season.

    • William Ferriter

      Thanks for the great idea! Making strawberry milk is a new idea to us, but it sounds delicious. These days, it seems a lot of “fruit flavored” foods are really artificial, just made to taste like the fruit. We’ll definitely try to put up a post with the recipe for fresh strawberry milk.

      -the Sugar Kills team

  6. Bill

    Strawberry milk was my favourite growing up. Oh, well. I’m vegan now anyway – so if I see strawberry soy milk, I will definitely avoid it. 🙂
    I also appreciated the links to help me learn more about the distinction between natural and added sugar. Thanks!

  7. Jason Bednar

    At my school, chocolate milk is the most preferred milk choice, but strawberry and white are in a close race for second. I wonder too how much sugar is in chocolate milk. Thanks for sharing this information.

  8. Mrs. Miller

    I liked how you talked about how much natural sugar vs added sugar in strawberry milk. I bet some people think strawberry milk is healthier because strawberry sounds healthier than chocolate. What do you think?

  9. Curt

    You’ve shared some good information Elizabeth. What would you think if someone were to only drink one strawberry milk per week? It’s fun to have a treat once in a while.

  10. Jill Caprathe

    In our preschool room, we only offer the students white milk, and they drink it for breakfast and lunch. They don’t even know about flavored milk in school! I like Curt’s idea of only having flavored milk once a week for bigger kids (and grown-ups). Or we could put pressure on the dairy industry to reduce sugar content- milk is sweet naturally.