More or Less? Which is better


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Recently me and my friend made a slushie.

Our blender had a leak so most of the water leaked out but not much of the sugar. Little did my friend know because he added another full one cup of sugar making it two cups of sugar.

Then, we split it between us with 1/3 of the whole blender for each of us making us drink a bit more than 5 times the daily recommended amount at 133.333 grams of sugar to be exact.

Now our teacher asked us to make the slushie again but this time with 0 grams of sugar to see witch tastes better if there is a difference. We did a blind taste test to ask people witch one tastes better and to see if they could identify the two different drinks from each other Here we GO!!!

The results are in

Out of five different people, four were able to tell the difference between the drinks out of five and three preferred the non sugar drink to two preferring the sugar drink.  It was close but the non-sugar won it all in the end.  So after all my prediction was wrong and my freinds was right.  Back to the drawing board again!

By:Thomas K.


  1. Travis Vashaw

    do you think the results might be a little skewed towards non-sugar because of the people you were testing? I think they were probably in your club, and even if they weren’t I don’t know that. I also don’t know how being able to tell the difference overlaps with what people prefer.

  2. Thomas Ketterer

    Hi Travis,

    Actually only 2 of the 5 people interviewed were members of sugar kills and, in fact, they each had different views. Also, when I did the test to see which one was which I was more looking for to see if they had any difference between the taste of the two drinks.

    After all, there could be bias in the results but in this case that does not seem to be a problem.
    Thanks for Stopping By,
    Thomas K.