Note to #SUGARKILLS Authors: You ARE Helping Others!

One of the goals that the #sugarkills team had when we started writing back in January was to raise awareness about the amount of sugar that is in common foods.

Sometimes, it’s hard for us to see that we really ARE meeting that goal, so I thought I’d share with you the Google search terms that people used to find us in just the last 30 days:

how much sugar per day (9 times)

grams of sugar in chocolate milk (7 times)

prego spaghetti sauce (5 times)

how much sugar is in school lunches (5 times)

how much sugar is safe per day (4 times)

sugar in a can of coke (4 times)

how much added sugar per day (4 times)

added sugar kills (4 times)

how much sugar is in strawberry milk (4 times)

how much sugar should i eat per day (4 times)

twix grams of sugar (4 times)

sugar skittles (4 times)

difference between natural and added sugars (3 times)

how much added sugar to eat per day (3 times)

do more people die of obesity than starvation (3 times)

how much added sugar should you have a day teenage girls (2 times)

what does 54 grams of sugar look like (2 times)

how much sugar in a nutrigrain bar (2 times)

carrots have sugar (2 times)

40 lbs gummy python (2 times)

thanks a lot girl cookies (2 times)

how much suger should a teenager eat (1 time)

nutrigrain will kill you (1 time)

varios names for sugar (1 time)

how much sugar in soda (1 time)

carrots vs sweet potato sugar (1 time)

sugar in one sweet potato (1 time)

claims about protein shakes (1 time)

high sugar foods (1 time)

if i drink a coke a day how much sugar is that? (1 time)

average grams of sugar in pizza (1 time)

energy filled gummy bears (1 time)

are clementines high in sugar (1 time)

sour patches (1 time)

less sugar clementine or apple (1 time)

cartoons and american dream and blog (1 time)

comparison of milk and potato (1 time)

what applesauce has less sugar (1 time)

how much sugar does sunny delight have? (1 time)

food with a lot of different names for sugar (1 time)

how much sugar is in a roo cup refill (1 time)

hungry jack syrup (1 time)

how many grams of sugar in gatorade protein shakes (1 time)

What makes this INCREDIBLY COOL is EVERY ONE of the people who found us through a Google search had a question about the sugars in the food that they were trying to answer and YOU helped them to answer it.



By Mr. F


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  1. Dr. Nancy

    Thank you for all you post. I always am excited when I see something new from you. Keep up the great work of helping us stay healthy.