1 Cent for 116 Grams of Sugar? Good Deal!

You take your 1 cent and your Limited Black Edition 2015 Roo Cup into the gas station. Now, what flavor to pick…

We researched four types of Icee flavors – Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry. Here are the nutritional results:

1. Blue Raspberry has the most sugar at 116 grams – 4.8 days worth of sugar.

2. The Icee with the second most sugar was Cherry flavored at 85 grams – 3.5 days worth of sugar.

3. Third is the Mountain Dew Freeze, which contains 64 grams of sugar – 2.7 days worth of sugar.

4. Finally, the Pepsi flavored Icee had the least, with 60.8 grams of sugar – 2.5 days worth of sugar.

All these calculations assume a serving size of 32 ounces – the size of an average Roo Cup. We hope you remember not only that the Pepsi has the least sugar, but that any slushy is bad for you!



-Conor A.

Edited by Daniel and Michael C.

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